Our Life Changing Decision: We’re Going to Homeschool Our Children

A few years back when my son was just in first grade, he suffered from a serious incident that happened to him at school.  I’m not at liberty to say what that incident was, but my husband and I were horrified to find out that it had occurred many times before we found out.  When […]

College Student? Consider Alternatives to The Campus Book Store

As many of my readers know, I used to teach at a community college in my former full-time job.  Many of my students came from underprivileged backgrounds and struggled in school, often times because they were struggling financially and worked full-time in addition to taking a full load of classes.  It was not unusual for […]

How to Afford Your Child’s College Education – A Guest Post

No Debt MBA is a 20-something who graduated from college debt-free and now wants to do the same for business school.  You can read more about education, financial aid and student loans at NoDebtMBA.com. College costs are rising at an extraordinary rate, but parents still recognize the innumerable benefits to their child’s career from a […]

Online Summer Math Enrichment Programs for Kids

My son’s reading ability dramatically improved at the end of first grade, and to capitalize on his newfound love of reading, I have signed him up for several reading programs.  I don’t have to prompt him to read; he just likes to and it is an extra benefit that he gets a free book or […]

How We Spent a Frugal Spring Break

A few days before my son went on spring break, I was talking with some other kids’ parents.  They were planning getaway spring breaks.  One was flying to San Antonio to stay in their time share, another was flying to Fort Lauderdale. As much as I would have liked to have taken a vacation on […]

5 Ways We Plan to Use Our Tax Return To Help Our Bottom Line

My husband and I get a sizeable tax return each year because we have three children and don’t currently have a great income.  (I do look forward to the day when we get a much smaller tax return!)  Since our returns our so sizeable, we are currently analyzing what to do with them.  For this […]

Ten Marks Math Tutoring 6 Month Subscription Giveaway

UPDATE: The winner is Chris [email protected]  Congratulations! Are you a homeschooler?  Or would you like your child to brush up on their math or receive a little extra practice?  If so, TenMarks could be the site for you.  Specifically, TenMarks is a new online service for kids in grades 3 to 10 to practice and master […]

Update on Summer Reading Programs at the Library

Earlier this summer I wrote about joining a summer reading program. Both my son and daughter joined the reading program this summer, but only my son had the endurance to finish the entire program My son had to read 20 minutes a day; my daughter had to read 10 minutes a day, but as she […]

Back to School Supply Challenge

My little boy is starting 1st grade! I can hardly believe it. His preschool went through kindergarten, so this year he is starting at a new school. With this new school comes many expenses such as tuiton, uniforms (I’ll post about ways I saved money on those in the next few weeks) and his school […]

My Son’s Generosity

My husband and I like to watch Good Morning America before going to work in the morning, and the devastation in Haiti is a frequent topic of the news. We have been frequently talking about the situation there and how much to donate and to what organization. We have also been talking about Money Saving […]