Our August No Spend Week: How Did We Do?

You may recall at the end of August I had a no spend week.  The goal was to not spend more than $25 for the week on food, entertainment and gas.  I was also going to try to sell some stuff around the house and make some extra money. Here is how we did on […]

No Spend Week: Would You Like to Join Me?

We have an expensive September with LOTS of expenses.  Quite frankly, more expenses than we have money for.  I am going to have to hustle AND hold on to the coin I already have. First, the hustle. Craigslist–We have money in our basement in the form of unwanted “stuff” and I need to convert that […]

Pantry Challenge: The First 10 Days

I am joining Keeper of the Home and having a pantry challenge from May 16th to June 18th.  My goal is to spend no more than $300 in groceries during the duration of the challenge. Here is what I have bought so far: Our organic delivery–$61.25                 43.5 […]

Does a No Spend Month Really Help You Save or Only Delay Spending?

Last week when I announced that we were having a mini no spend challenge, a reader questioned whether no spend challenges really save money or only cause a delay in spending.  My answer is that it is a bit of both. What Does Our No Spend Challenge Look Like? To clarify, a no spend challenge […]

No Spend Challenge Update #1

We pledged to take a no spend challenge for two weeks.  The goal is only to spend $200 or less.  A bit of a snare in our plans was that we started right after we came home from Washington D.C., so we had no fresh fruit and veggies in the house, and we go through […]

It’s Time for a No Spend Challenge

We had a fabulous time in Washington D.C. and were careful to only visit free monuments, museums and attractions.  We even walked in a light (and sometimes not so light) mist one day to avoid paying for a taxi.  We brought our own food in a cooler and ate nearly all of our meals in […]

Try a No Spend Month: Your Wallet Will Thank You

I am over at Free From Broke today writing about my experiences with a no spend month and what we learned. Here is an excerpt: Do you find your expenses creeping up month after month? Do you use cash but don’t know where all of the money goes at the end of the week?  Do […]

The Where Does My Money Go Challenge – Let’s Try This Again

Last month I tried a new challenge, Where Does My Money Go?  It lasted about a week before LIFE took over.  I got a sinus infection and my two littlest ones were also sick.  Honestly, I don’t remember what happened for about 5 days as we were all miserable until the antibiotics kicked in.  I […]

Pantry Challenge Update

I started my pantry challenge on November 10th.  It has now been 8 days; here is what I have spent thus far: Groceries:     27.69 (you can see the run down here) Baby wipes:  11.89 (2 big packages) Night diapers: 10.53 (my husband gets the girls ready at night and didn’t tell me we were out until they […]

Menu Planning, 11/14

This is my first full week of my November pantry challenge, but we are so stocked up, I am not finding it difficult yet.  These are the meals we have planned: Monday–Golden Split Pea Soup, Rolls  Tuesday–Chicken Parmigiana, Broccoli Wednesday–Beef and Bean Burritos*, Lettuce, Tomato Thursday–Chicken and Bean Soup, Rolls Friday–Red Beans & Rice with […]