Decluttering Week 18: Everything Has Got To Go

My cousin’s house was routinely as messy as mine.  She has two kids about the same age as my oldest.  In her home, toys were strewn about every room of the house.  When she and her husband bought a much smaller fixer upper to move into, my husband and I were skeptical.  After all, where […]

Declutter Challenge: Week 17, Selling Our Kids’ Stuff on Ebay

I didn’t get as much accomplished decluttering this week as I would have liked, but I did manage to list 22 of my children’s outgrown clothes on eBay.  Typically spring and summer clothes start selling in February and March, so I wanted to make sure to have them up before the big selling season.  I […]

Declutter Challenge: Week 16

I have been decluttering for 16 weeks, and I have been frustrated by the lack of real results.  So, this week I worked on one small area so I could see immediate results.  Underneath this pile of mess is our bedroom dresser and heater. I put some things where they were supposed to be, put […]

Declutter Challenge Week 15: More Kids Clothes to Sell at a Garage Sale

I have been decluttering now for nearly 4 months.  My goal is to purge at least 35 items a week (5 items a day).  Some weeks I do much more than that, some weeks less.  Now that we are low on income until August, my decluttering has moved from simply trying to clean up our […]

Decluttering Challenge Week 14: Kids’ Clothes To Sell on Ebay

Around Thanksgiving, I took a break from the decluttering challenge through the holidays.  Now I am back and continuting where I left off.  In my last decluttering update, I had gotten rid of 746 items in 13 weeks. We are decluttering so it is easy to clean the house and because with 3 kids, our […]

Decluttering Challenge, Week 13

Many of my long term readers know that I have an eBay business, which I am currently trying to downsize for two major reasons–first it simply takes up too much of my time for the little monetary return I get and second, it takes up so much space!  Space that I need now that we […]

Declutter Challenge, Week 12

I got rid of 29 items this week.  More than half of them are clothes the baby is outgrowing.  Then there are some of my maternity clothes.  All of these items are going in the garage sale pile. I also have several sterile pads the hospital sent me home with after my c-section.  Does anyone […]

Declutter Challenge, Week 11

This week I was able to get rid of 17 items.  Included were: -9 bags of Knorr sides.  I bought these almost two years ago, and we were slowly eating them even though my family did not like them.  (I got them on sale for nearly free and thought they would be a great, quick […]

Decluttering Challenge Week 10

I saved all the clothes from my first daughter in hopes that my second daughter could wear them.  There are two problems with this plan.  First, the girls were born in two completely different seasons, one in late fall, one in late spring.  Second, the first one grew very fast the first six months and […]

Declutter Challenge, Week 9

I figured after cleaning out the kids’ closet a few weeks ago I was done with baby clothes, but obviously that is not the case. This week I got rid of 44 more items.  The majority were baby girl clothes.  My kids all weighed 9 to 10 pounds at birth and seemed to zoom right […]