Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy by Becky Baudouin: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

Having had a parent that died of cancer, I was interested in reading Becky Baudouin’s book, Cancer, Faith, and Unexpected Joy: What My Mother Taught Me about How to Live and How to Die. This is a beautiful, sometimes painful-to-read book that brought me to tears several times.  Becky is a grown woman with a […]

If We Make It Home by Christina Suzann Nelson: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

For most of us, by the time we hit middle age, life is much different than the idealized version we created for our future selves back in college.  Such is the case for former college roommates Jenna, Ireland, and Vicki in Christina Suzann Nelson’s new book, If We Make It Home: A Novel of Faith […]

Rhythm Ride by Andrea Davis Pinkney: A Book Review

I’ve been reading several different books for Bookworm’s unit study on Detroit.  Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find books about Detroit that are appropriate for a 13 year old. This post contains affiliate links. However, I was happily surprised by Rhythm Ride: A Road Trip Through the Motown Sound by Andra Davis […]

Homeschool Crew Review: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Books 1 and 2

As part of our religion curriculum, we try to find ways to bring religion to life.  One of our favorite ways to do that is through books.  Recently, we’ve been reading The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls books published by WorthyKids/Ideals. About The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls Books 1 and 2 We read the […]

Benjamin Franklin: Live Wire by Janet & Geoff Benge – A Book Review

The girls and I have been making our way through YWAM’s Heroes of History series in chronological order as our history curriculum this year.  This is working perfectly for Cuddle Bug as she loves to be read to. This post contains affiliate links. We just finished Benjamin Franklin: Live Wire by Janet & Geoff Benge. […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich

My kids are well-versed in the stories of the Bible, but I always appreciate the opportunity to bring those stories to life.  That is exactly what happens in Imagine. . .The Great Flood by Matt Koceich and published by Barbour Publishing. About Imagine. . .The Great Flood Corey is a ten year old who is […]

Stitches by David Small: A Book Review

Bookworm wants to study a unit on Detroit, so I checked this book out as it is set in Detroit.  I was able to read the book quickly and discerned that it’s not appropriate for Bookworm, who is only 13.  However, if he were four or five years older, I would let him read this […]

Just Sayin’ by Dandi Daley MacKall: A Book Review

I’ve read two books by Dandi Daley MacKall this year, and I have to say, she is quickly becoming one of my favorite young adult authors. In Just Sayin’, the main character is Cassie, a tween who is living in Missouri with her grandmother while her mother “finds herself” in California.  Almost the entire book […]

Sacred Mundane by Kari Patterson: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

We all want to strive to make our lives meaningful, but when we’re bogged down in daily living, making dinner for the 274th time this year, cleaning the toilet again, asking the kids for the 100th time to pick up their toys. . .we can get frustrated.  After all, aren’t we supposed to be doing […]

The Soldier Who Killed a King by David Kitz: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

What if you could hear the story of Jesus’ trial and crucifixion straight from the centurion who nailed the nails into Jesus’ hands?  What if you could see what he saw, hear what he heard, and experience what he experienced? Such is the basis for the story, The Soldier Who Killed a King: A True […]