Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly: A Book Review

A few months ago, I requested about 15 books from the library.  Many of them were books that hadn’t been released yet, so there was a long wait. This post contains affiliate links. When I got the notice Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly was in, I couldn’t even remember what the book was about, […]

Family Read Alouds for Ages 8 to 12–August, 2019

August just seemed to fly by!  We got in several good books and audios, but my favorite family read aloud was Puritan Girl, Mohawk Girl.  For those who don’t know, every month we read aloud kids’ chapter books for ages 8 to 12, and then I recap them here. This post contains affiliate links. Books […]

Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor and Heather Webb: A Book Review

I am obsessed with WWII fiction and non-fiction and read a lot of it, but I rarely read about WWI.  Sadly, I don’t know much about WWI beyond the basics. This post contains affiliate links. So, I decided to delve into some WWI fiction, starting with Last Christmas in Paris.  What a beautiful book! The […]

No Exit by Taylor Adams: A Book Review

Imagine you’re trying to get through the Rocky Mountains at night, in a blinding snow storm, to your mother, who will likely die of cancer soon.  Unable to go on, you pull off at a rest stop and wait for the snow plows or the storm to end so you can continue.  While walking around […]

White Chrysanthemum by Mary Lynn Bracht: A Book Review

As many readers know, I love fiction and non-fiction stories about World War II.  There’s just so much to learn about this period in time. I first read How We Disappeared which inspired me to find more books about this little known atrocity of WWII, young women being kidnapped by Japanese soldiers and forced into […]

Books I Read Aloud to the Kids–July, 2019

We’re back to driving down to ABA four days a week and picking up Bookworm from school, which means more driving time.  Now, we’re also adding in dyslexia tutoring, which means one more 1.5 hour drive round trip in addition to the four 1.5 hour round trips we make to ABA every week, so we […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Library and Educational Services LLC

I’ve been homeschooling for six years now, and I still find new curriculum, stores, and websites I have never heard of before.  One of them is Library and Educational Services LLC, which I’m delighted to have found and plan to use again!  We had the privilege to review several of their products including: Lifehouse Theater […]

Mistress of the Ritz by Melanie Benjamin: A Book Review

Another week, and another World War II book that examines another angle of history I knew nothing about.  (I really can’t get enough of these books!) This post contains affiliate links. This week’s book was Mistress of the Ritz by Melanie Benjamin.  While this book was inspired by real characters, Claude and Blanche Auzello, it […]

How We Disappeared by Jing Jing Lee: A Book Review

I’m a huge fan of WWII fiction and non-fiction, but most of what I read tends to be about the Holocaust and the Nazis. This post contains affiliate links. Jing Jing Lee’s new book, How We Disappeared, tells the story of people in Singapore, which is occupied by the Japanese army during WWII.  There are […]

Educated by Tara Westover: A Book Review

This post contains affiliate links. I had heard much about Educated by Tara Westover.  Most of what I heard was about homeschooling and how it shouldn’t be unregulated; those who argue that use Educated as proof of their argument.  For sure, Tara Westover and her siblings were deprived of their education growing up in their conservative […]