Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome by Nancy C. Anderson: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

Nearly 33% of men and 25% of women will have an affair at some point during their marriage.  This is one of the many reasons why more than 50% of marriages end in divorce. Nancy C. Anderson, author of Avoiding the Greener Grass Syndrome, was one of the women who had an affair.  But unlikely […]

A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

Pearl Spence is an 11  year old transplant to Michigan from Oklahoma when A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner opens.  Pearl lives with her father and a family friend, Ray.  Pearl’s mother is away, and as the story evolves, the reader realizes that her mother left the family shortly after the death of Pearl’s […]

Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

We were introduced to Andrea (Andi) Carter several years ago, and since then, we’ve been reading all of the books that Susan K. Marlow has written. Recently, Marlow has added two novels to her Circle C Stpping Stones series that follow nine-year old Andi.  The girls and I read these books aloud together, and we […]

Daniel Boone: Frontiersman by Janet & Geoff Benge

Daniel Boone is a name most school kids know.  They likely think of him with a rifle and his coon skin hat.  That is what I thought about.  Though I knew his name, over the years, I had forgotten his significance in U.S. history. This post contains affiliate links. That all changed when I read […]

The Delusion by Laura Gallier: A Book Review

Imagine if you took a drink from a well in the woods of your land because a man you do not know was there and kept pestering you to drink the water.  When you look down at the well, it is dry, but when the man pulls up the bucket, it’s full of clear water.  […]

{Why} Motherhood Matters by September McCarthy: A Book Review and Giveaway

This year has been a tough one.  We’ve grappled with our child’s autism diagnosis and spent so much time in therapy.  It’s exhausting, and sometimes I look at my life and think it’s not what I dreamt of when I imagined having a family.  For awhile after the diagnosis, I really mourned the hopes and […]

A Book Review & Giveaway: Wonder by R.J. Palacio

This post contains affiliate links. When we were eating lunch at our homeschool co-op, one of the moms suggested that we all read the book, Wonder by R.J. Palacio, and then go together as a group to see the movie.  Afterward, we’d all discuss the movie and the book. I ordered the book off Amazon, […]

Fire Road by Kim Phuc Phan Thi: A Book Review

I have seen the picture, as you likely have, too.  It’s iconic and shows the brutality of war as well as the cost to innocent civilians.   But what happened to that little girl in the photo, running naked down the street, being burned by napalm? In Kim Phuc Phan Thi’s book, Fire Road: The Napalm […]

George Washington: True Patriot by Janet & Geoff Benge – A Book Review

We are absolutely loving our year of studying history through YWAM’s Heroes of History series! This post contains affiliate links. We recently wrapped up George Washington: True Patriot.  A few years ago, my husband, Bookworm and I were able to visit Mount Vernon, so I’m sure that I knew some of this information previously, but […]

The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey by Carolyn Miller: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

Romance novels are not my favorite type of novel.  I much prefer historical fiction and mysteries.  Recently, I had the opportunity to review a romance, The Dishonorable Miss DeLancey by Carolyn Miller.  I wasn’t sure that I would like it, but much to my surprise, I quite enjoyed it, in part because this romance is […]