It Was My Birthday This Weekend: A Gift for You, A Gift for Me

This post is sticky and will stay at the top until Monday, April 15, 2013.  Scroll down to see the latest posts. My birthday was this past weekend. I turned 42!   (Yep, I said that out loud!) I still can’t quite believe it.  My dad died at 38, so every year that I get […]

Today Is My Birthday. Could You Do Me a Favor?

Today is my birthday, so I hope you don’t mind if I ask a favor of you. Mom’s Plans the blog also just recently celebrated (albeit quietly), its third birthday.  I have been blogging and sharing our story for three years now (unreal!), and I would love to know what brings you here. What do […]

Frugal Birthday Presents for My Son

My son recently celebrated his 7th birthday, so I thought I would share with you what we got him and how we kept his gifts within the budget. He received: -5 books, -1 Lego 3 in 1 car -Arts & craft supplies (construction paper, tape, glue, washable paint pens and pencils) The total for these gifts […]

Frugal Party Favors

My son was born in the summer, so that means he misses celebrating his birthday during the school year.  However, at his new school they compensate for this by celebrating half birthdays.  During my son’s half birthday week, he had a special event every day–bring a favorite stuffed animal one day, a toy the next, […]

A Fun Meal for Kids or a Halloween Meal

I originally posted this after my daughter’s birthday party last year.  Since I have many new visitors here, I thought I would share this post again as these were great party foods.  My daughter again will have a party near Halloween, so I will share what new treats we come up with after her party. […]

Great Toy Sales at Kmart

I read on Stockpiling Moms last night that K-mart is offering 50% off their clearance toys. I went this morning and found a few Christmas and birthday items for my older two. (More on that coming next Tuesday for my Frugal Finds post.) For more details, check out Stockpiling Moms full post here.

Take Advantage of Birthday Freebies

Is it your birthday soon? Make sure to enjoy some of the freebies restaurants are offering for birthdays. Check out my article, Restaurant Birthday Freebies, to take advantage of the many offers for free restaurant food on your birthday or your birthday month.

A Creative Birthday Cake Idea

My son’s birthday is in June, and we always try to create a special cake for him. Neither I nor my husband have much artistic talent, so creating the cake is always interesting. We found this Pool Party Cake in an issue of Simple & Delicious and made it for his birthday last year. He […]