Homeschool Crew Review – Love, Honor and Virtue Book

Having a teenage son in our current culture can be a scary experience.  Unsavory images and videos are available with the simple stroke of a few computer keys.  If you want to arm your child or tween in battle against pornography, you may want to consider listening to Hal and Melanie Young’s new book, Love, […]

Update: Kitchen Freezer Clean Out Shelves #1 and #2

I had hoped to get on a roll with cleaning out/eating the contents in one or two shelves of my freezer every week, but that didn’t happen.  Still, I made good progress on the two shelves I wanted to clean out. When I started this challenge about two weeks ago, my kitchen refrigerator freezer looked […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Math Refresher for Adults

Math is not my forte.  In Algebra I, I either easily understood a concept and got A+s or I was completely confused and got D-s.  When I moved on to Geometry the next year, I really struggled.  My patient teacher met with me every day after school until finally, at the end of the fall […]

What I Read with the Kids in June, 2018

I thought I’d start a new little feature–what we read each month.  Cuddle Bug loves, loves, loves to be read to, and right now, that is how she is getting a lot of her schooling.  We’re also in the car for at least an hour a day, so we try to listen to audio books […]

Goals for 2018: Week 27 of 52

This week was crazy busy thanks to arranging respite care for my child with autism and having a 3 hour(!) ABA intake as well as attending the final appointment with the psychiatrist to diagnosis my other child, who did indeed get a diagnosis of autism.   Funny that I always had what I thought were quirky […]

Isobel Kuhn: On the Roof of the World by Janet & Geoffe Benge – A Book Review

I had the idea that Cuddle Bug and I might also like to read some missionary stories together, but after about 80 pages, Cuddle Bug promptly and adamantly let me know that she had no interest in missionary stories. This post contains affiliate links. Still, I was 80 pages into Isobel Kuhn: On the Roof […]

Goals for 2018: Week 26 of 52

This week, I tried to take care of myself.  I exercised 6x this week.  (Can you believe it?!)  I decided writing in my journal at night is just not working because I’m way too tired by the time I have time to write, so it just doesn’t get done.  Instead, I started writing in my […]

Milton Hershey: More than Chocolate by Janet & Geoff Benge – A Book Review

When Bookworm was little and still in school, he did a report on Milton Hershey.  I don’t remember exactly what he learned except his main focus was on chocolate.  😉 This post contains affiliate links. So, when Cuddle Bug and I reached the point in our Heroes of History series to read Milton Hershey: More […]

Kitchen Freezer Clean Out: Shelves #1 and #2

I have a lot of freezer space here.  We have one deep freezer chest in our guest room and another in our kitchen.  We also have a freezer in our refrigerator in the kitchen and in the refrigerator in our garage.  Because I have all of that freezer space, I tend to neglect my kitchen […]

My Weight Loss Plan

I’ve never been a yo-yo dieter; instead, for most of my life, up until my early 30s, I was, shall we say, pleasingly plump.  Then, after I had my first child, I bumped up into the seriously overweight range and stayed there until I was done having children.  But then, I started having health issues–often […]