Goals for 2018: Week 2 of 52

Although I have many things I want to accomplish this year, I’m taking the goals slowly, month by month.  My January goals are all about taking care of myself. This week, I added on some of the other things that I didn’t get to last week, so I’m pretty happy with my progress so far. […]

What I Ate in a Day on Weight Watchers Freestyle Program

One of the reasons I decided to join Weight Watchers again is because I needed accountability but also because I felt the new Freestyle program would work for my lifestyle.  I eat mostly Paleo, which means I eat lots of fruits and veggies and meat.  I didn’t want to have to count the fruits.  Last […]

A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

Pearl Spence is an 11  year old transplant to Michigan from Oklahoma when A Song of Home by Susie Finkbeiner opens.  Pearl lives with her father and a family friend, Ray.  Pearl’s mother is away, and as the story evolves, the reader realizes that her mother left the family shortly after the death of Pearl’s […]

Grocery Report, January 1-10, 2018

I knew that sticking to budget in January would be tough because I wanted to have a massive freezer cooking session when my mom was visiting, and I also needed to stock up on some things like some meat and organic blueberries. However, I about fell out of my chair when I added up how […]

Goals for 2018: Week 1 of 52

Although I have many things I want to accomplish this year, I’m taking the goals slowly, month by month.  My January goals are all about taking care of myself. Make Time to Relax Read a book a week.  I didn’t finish any books this week, but I’m halfway through two of them: Write. I didn’t start […]

Freezer Cooking Wrap Up: January, 2018

We finished all the freezer meals I made in September, so I took some time in the beginning of January to restock the freezer.  I ended up with 26 meals, and I still have quite a few baked goods from my mini freezer cooking session in December. This post contains affiliate links. Meals I Made […]

Grocery Report, December 21 – 31, 2017

Well, December is over, and we were able to stick to our $750 budget even though we were feeding an additional adult all month long.  That’s quite an accomplishment for us as we usually struggle to stay within the $750 budget just for the 5 of us.  January might be a challenging month, though, because […]

Andi Lassos Trouble and Andi to the Rescue by Susan K. Marlow: A Book Review {Kregel Book Tour}

We were introduced to Andrea (Andi) Carter several years ago, and since then, we’ve been reading all of the books that Susan K. Marlow has written. Recently, Marlow has added two novels to her Circle C Stpping Stones series that follow nine-year old Andi.  The girls and I read these books aloud together, and we […]

Freezer Cooking Plan, January, 2018

We are blessed to have my mom here visiting for six weeks.  However, her time here is almost over, and one of my goals before she leaves is to stock the freezer with meals to last us the next two to three (or four) months.  We are finally finished with all the freezer meals I […]

My Goals for 2018

So, I’ll be completely honest and tell you that the last two years have really kicked me in the fanny.  Between the financial and emotional strain, I’m tired.  And I’m burned out. This year, therefore, will be the year of taking care of me.  Let’s face it, if we as moms don’t take care of […]