The Broken Blade by William Durbin: A Book Review

Now that Bookworm is almost a teenager (how did that happen?!), he’s fussier about the books that he reads.  I noticed that he’s much more interested in books with a strong boy protagonist on an adventure. This post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for your support! I picked The Broken Blade by William Durbin to go […]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 7

Week 7 of our grocery reports.  I’ve noticed that having our daughter on AIP is starting to cost us more money.  I was hoping it wouldn’t, but she misses some of her regular food, so I’ve been making her coconut carob truffles for a treat.  I also discovered a recipe that she loves for AIP […]

Exercise: Essential for Mamas and Kids

I’ve never enjoyed exercising.  Sometimes, especially in college, I would make exercising every day a priority.  After about a month, it became a habit, and then I didn’t hate doing it so much.  I honestly can’t say, though, that I’ve ever loved exercising.  I hate getting sweaty. So, for a mama who really doesn’t like […]

The Loving Push by Temple Grandin & Debra Moore: A Book Review

A child with high functioning autism can be a blessing and a challenge.  These children are often very bright, which can bode well for academic success and possible career success if they find the right job niche.  However, these kids by nature may appear unmotivated because they don’t like to initiate conversation in social settings, […]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 6

It was the beginning of the month and we needed some staples. I thought I was doing pretty good with the groceries I bought, but I was surprised by the grand total of this trip!  I want to be under $1,000 this month, so I’ll have to be careful in the upcoming weeks of February. […]

Kari Jobe “The Garden” CD Review and Giveaway

I’m always looking for music that blends into the background when I work.  I also look for inspiring music, especially with strong, encouraging lyrics. I have found both in Kari Jobe’s new CD, The Garden. This full-length CD contains 14 songs, each of which is four to six minutes long.  This is Jobe’s fourth album, […]

A Fun History Supplement: Drive Through History

When I was in school, I loved learning about history.  What I didn’t love was the dry, boring way history was presented.  So, most of my history knowledge came from books and documentaries that I watched. Now that we homeschool, we spend a lot of time teaching history, but we try to do it in […]

My Goals for 2017: January Update

  Here are my goals for the year: Read 52 books and blog about them.   Done in January! This post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for your support! In January, I read and blogged about 4 books, 3 were young adult books, and 1 was an adult book: Chasing the North Star by Robert Morgan Esperanza […]

Menu Planning for February 5, 2017

Another busy week, but we enjoyed lots of good food!  My daughter is following a Paleo AIP eating plan for 6 to 8 weeks.  We’re 2 weeks in and both finding it a bit of a challenge.  She misses eating the foods the other kids eat, and she misses carbs like white potatoes and rice. […]

When We Last Spoke by Marci Henna: A Book Review and Giveaway

I have been wanting to find a book that was folksy and charming and that I really felt I could sink into. This post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for your support! I found that when I read When We Last Spoke by Marci Henna.  Juliet and Evangeline are just young when there father is sent […]