Homeschool Review Crew: CrossWired Science

We’re always looking for new and dynamic science programs to engage our children, so we were excited to try out a brand new program, CrossWired Science.  We were able to review the Sound, and Fluid Dynamics units. About CrossWired Science CrossWired Science is a brand new, Christian-based, homeschool science curriculum.  In fact, during our review […]

A Video Homeschool Crew Review: Stop Motion Animation Kit

The girls have started their own YouTube channel, and they were eager to add stop motion animation.  When the chance came up to review the Stop Motion Animation Kit from Stopmotion Explosion, they were very excited and set to work creating their own stop motion videos. For this review, we created a video, largely done […]

Blogging Through the Alphabet: Homeschool

When I first considered homeschooling, I heard concerns from several friends and relatives.  Some of them said they were worried about the socialization aspect, while others were a bit more blunt, “Homeschooled kids are weird.” Now that we’ve been homeschooling for six years, I can see where people who aren’t in the homeschool world would […]

Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard – A Book Review

I’m always interested in finding a book that teaches me a new aspect about history that I never knew. This post contains affiliate links. Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard was one of those books.  In this story, June Walker, a newly graduated high school student whose fiance has just been killed fighting in World […]

A Video Homeschool Crew Review: Louis Zamperini – Redemption

The girls and I recently got to read a book about one of my favorite people, Louis Zamperini.  I love his story but didn’t feel it was appropriate for my girls (ages 9 and 10.5) until we discovered Louis Zamperini: Redemption by Janet and Geoff Benge, part of their Heroes of History series by YWAM […]

Books I Read Aloud to the Kids, March, 2019

After a brief respite in our amount of time in the car weekly, our car time has ramped up again.  Now that Bookworm is in school 30 minutes from our house, plus we’re driving 45 minutes one way 5x a week to ABA, well, we have a lot of time to listen to audios.  And […]

Blogging through the Alphabet – The Good Doctor

Some days my husband and I don’t know whether we’re coming or going, and most weekdays, one of us leaves at 7:30 a.m., and we don’t see each other again until 9 p.m.  It’s crazy.  But, the one thing we do every night is take some time together to unwind and watch a show. Lately, […]

Blockade Billy by Stephen King: A Book Review

About half of Stephen King’s stories I really love.  The other half, well, I can do without those. This post contains affiliate links. While perusing the library shelves the other day, I happened upon a slim novella by King, Blockade Billy, and I checked it out. The story is about a baseball team, the New […]

Fellowship – Blogging Through the Alphabet

My mom, who had two children with disabilities, often encourages me to go to support group meetings with other parents who have children with autism.  Honestly, I don’t have much interest in that, especially since the meetings are nearly one hour away from our home.  But I understand why she wants me to go–she wants […]

Becoming by Michelle Obama: A Book Review

Here’s a library trick.  When a book is very popular and has a long wait list at the library, request both the regular edition as well as the large print edition. This post contains affiliate links. I wanted to read Becoming by Michelle Obama, but I was number 576 on the wait list for the […]