Easter 2013 121SmallWelcome to Mom’s Plans!   I’m glad you’re here.

My name is Melissa, and I’m a wife as well as a mother to three kids, ages 9, 5, and 3.5.

Our days are full with homeschooling, reading, and cooking.  We have multiple food intolerances, so we make all of our food from scratch.  Healthy living is important to us, and we try to eat locally grown, organic produce as well as grass-fed meat, all while trying to stay on a budget.

In 2011, I happily became a stay at home mom, but a few months later, I started working from home.  I currently run this blog, am a freelance writer for a number of other blogs and also work as a virtual assistant.

My husband just got his Ph.D. and is in a post-doc position.  In a few years, when he’s done with the post-doc, we hope to buy a house.

In 2013 we officially became a homeschooling family.  Our kids are in 4th grade, Kindergarten, and preschool.  I never thought I’d homeschool our kids, but now that I am, I love it!

We’re also in the process of paying down $57,996 of credit card and student loan debt.  After 2 years, I’m happy to report that we are completely out of credit card debt and have paid off about half of our initial debt.

Thanks for stopping by!  Feel free to e-mail me at momsplans[at]yahoo[dot]com.