Books I Read Aloud to the Kids–May, 2019

Now that Bookworm is out of school, we’re not in the car quite so much.  Still, we got in several great audio books, and we’re doing our best to read more books, too.

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Books We Read

We finished two books in April:

Red Sails to Capri by Ann Weil

In Red Sails to Capri, Michele lives a happy life on the island of Capri, but everything changes when three strangers come to stay at his parents’ inn.  For as long as the town’s people can remember, they have avoided one particular cove for a variety of reasons.  Yet, these three men insist on going to the cove, and when they do, every town’s person’s life will change, and what they discover will impact the entire world.

Some parts of this story were slow going, but we loved it by the end.  When we discovered it was a based on a true story, we were even more excited, and, of course, we had to check out Google to see for ourselves!

Grace Makes It Great by Mary Casanova

Another month, another American Girl book. 🙂  I am honestly over these books, but the girls love them, so we keep reading them.  In Grace Makes It Great, Grace and her friends’ bakery, La Petite Patisserie is growing and growing, and the girls have trouble keeping up.  At the same time, sales at her grandparents’ bakery are declining.  Grace and her friends help makeover the bakery’s exterior, but then, they decide on a solution that will benefit everyone.

Audio Stories We Listened to

We finished two books in April:

Matilda Bone by Janet McTeer

Matilda Bone is a fun, quirky story.  Matilda, who was raised by Father Leufredus in the manor, is a learned girl who finds herself on Blood and Bone Alley, where she comes to work for Red Peg, the bonesetter.  At first, Matilda is appalled at most things that go on around her, especially when it comes to treating sickness.  She believes that one should pray only as a way to treat illnesses.  Her world view is very rigid and black and white; however, by the end of the book, she has grown and come to appreciate medicine.

The most fascinating part of this book, for me, was after the story itself was over and the author shared interesting details from her study of medicine from the Middle Ages for this book.  Wow am I glad that I live now!

This audio is approximately 4 hours long.

Room One by Andrew Clements

Andrew Clements is rapidly becoming one of our favorite “fun” authors.  This month, we listened to Room One about Ted, a citizen of a town in Nebraska that is so small, there are only five students in his school.  Ted, who fancies himself a detective, notices activity around an abandoned house and discovers a mother living there with her two children, one of whom is Ted’s age.  Ted tries to help, but helping this family is no easy task!

This audio is approximately 3 hours long.

Frindle by Andrew Clements

Another one by Clements, Frindle follows the story of Nicholas Allen, a 5th grade boy who likes to cause trouble just for the fun of it.  Nicholas also excels at asking questions to keep the teacher talking instead of teaching, but when he asks a question and she makes him write a report, he discovers how words are created and tries a little experiment–creating his own word, Frindle.  Soon, everyone’s life in the small town changes in ways they never expected, simply because of the word Frindle.

This audio is 1.5 hours long.

Where I’d Like to Be by Frances O’Roark Dowell

In Where I’d Like to Be, Maddie was abandoned by her mother and raised by Granny Lane until Granny Lane no longer can care for Maddie.  Then, Maddie finds herself in the East Tennessee Children’s Home.  She meets Murphy and is envious of Murphy’s life until she discovers Murphy isn’t who she seems to be.

This audio is 4 hours long.

The Lions of Little Rock by Kristin Levine

In The Lions of Little Rock, Marlee, a girl who chooses not to speak, is just entering middle school and is nervous about the prospect.  Not only is her school life changing, but her brother moves out to attend college, and her older sister decides she wants a room of her own.  Marlee begins speaking and asserting herself more when she makes friends with Liz, a new, outspoken student.  Marlee’s world is thrown upside down when Liz abruptly leaves the school and rumors start flying that Marlee is actually black and had tried to “pass” for white.  However, Marlee is not about to lose her good friend, and she and Liz start meeting in clandestine locations.  However, in 1958 in Little Rock, Arkansas, that is a dangerous thing to do.

This audio is 8.5 hours long.

Chains by Laurie Halse Anderson

Set during the Revolutionary War, Chains tells the story of Isabel, a slave who has a younger sister, Ruth, who has epilepsy.  While she and her sister are promised freedom when their owner dies, they aren’t given it and instead are sold to a cruel New York couple.  When they sell Ruth, Isabel is distraught and argues with her owner, earning her the letter “I” for insolent branded on her cheek.  Isabel becomes an unlikely informant, helping the Patriots in their quest for freedom.

We LOVED this audio, but the narrator’s voice was nasally, and at first, we just couldn’t get into her narration.  We almost stopped listening, but I’m so glad we got past that and completed this wonderful story.

This audio is 7.5 hours long.

Books read in 2019: 9

Audios listened to in 2019: 26

Total books read or listened to in 2019: 35

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