Homeschool Crew Review: Victus Study Skills System

While Bookworm used to happily do his schoolwork easily every day and continue to study and learn well after school was over, once he hit puberty, that stopped.  Now that he is a 9th grader, he has slowly started to find joy in learning again, but he’s discovering that he really doesn’t know how to study effectively and use his time wisely.  Since study skills are so important to both success and enjoyment of school, we were happy to review the Victus Study Skills System, focusing primarily on Level 3 for high school students.

The Victus Study Skills System is not completely new to us.  We reviewed it back in 2014 when Bookworm was just a 4th grader, but my how it has changed and improved since that time!!

About Victus Study Skills System

The Victus Study Skills System has grown quite a bit from when we reviewed it five years ago.  Back then, my major complaint was that the system seemed designed for 8th to 12th graders; I wanted something more suitable to my mid-elementary aged child.

Well, now, Victus has programs broken down by age.  We received several of them to review including:

Level 1: Primary (K-2/3)
Teacher Supplement
Student Workbook

Level 2: Elementary (2/3-4/5)
Teacher Supplement
Student Workbook

Level 3 (5/6-10/11)
Teacher Edition
Student Workbook

Level 4 (10/11-College)
College Student Workbook

Other Products
Student Planner

I used this program with my 9th grader, but I also plan to use it with my 4th grader this summer before she enters 5th grade.

Level 3 (for 5th – 11th graders, which is what we used) covers a variety of topics:

  • Learning Strengths
  • Your Own Learning Strengths
  • Creating Your Mission Statement
  • Deciding Your Goals/Priorities
  • Goal Setting
  • Think SMART
  • Time Management
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Monthly Schedule
  • Organization
  • Note Taking
  • Test Taking, and many more topics not mentioned here

The earlier levels–Primary and Elementary–have some of the same topics, but as you would expect, the content is much simpler.  The idea is that you start this program when your children are young to set the foundation, and then you revisit Victus Study Skills every few years to deepen their knowledge and skills.

How We Used Victus Study Skills System

Bookworm and I spent about one to two hours each weekend going over the lessons.

What We Thought of Victus Study Skills System

Bookworm wrote up his own mini-review for parents and students considering this system:

I think Victus Study Skills System strength is, rather than teaching simply what I should do, making me think about what I’m doing right now, right or wrong. For example, there was an exercise where I was directed to keep track of what I devote my time to, splitting it into several sections.  This helped me reflect on my priorities and visualize if I was spending my time in a way that reflected my priorities.

I think that most people my age could benefit from this study skills book because a lot of people don’t have these skills, but need them.

Right in the beginning of the book, they had me take a personality test, for whether I was a Kinesthetic, Auditory, or Visual learner.  I appreciated that Victus only asked relevant questions.  When  I had taken such tests before other places, I was asked some odd questions, including whether I was right or left handed, and which hand I am more likely to use in various situations. I appreciate that Victus just included relevant questions to assess my learning style.

I loved that they’ve expanded Victus to include all levels of learners.

I also appreciate that this program is perfect to use one-on-one with your own child or that it can be used in a group setting.  If your family is part of a co-op, this might be a good course to run with the older kids.

If you want to teach your child study skills and how to be a strong learner, I highly recommend this program.

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