4 Weeks to a More Productive Life: Week 2 Follow Up

So, Week 2, uh-hum, did not go the way I planned.  Each night, I was swept up in a tide of busy and exhaustion, and none of my evening goals were completed.  In fact, it was Wednesday night before I even remembered I had nightly goals.  Oops.  Big fail.

However, in the light of this big fail, I do want to report one overwhelming success–my morning routine.  Not only is it NOT drudgery at all, but I really look forward to the mornings when I have a large chunk of time that is just mine.  It’s easy to get up because I’m greedy for the me time.

But by 7 p.m., after dinner, all I want to do is spend a little time with the kids and then go crash myself when they’re in bed.  So, I decided that I’m moving the most important night goals to the morning, and I’m not really requiring myself to do anything in the evening besides make dinner and do dinner dishes.

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In week 2 of 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life, the focus is on your night routine.  Paine recommended picking 2 to 5 things that you want to get done at night, which helps you set yourself up for a more productive morning.

Here are the big rocks I wanted to get done in the evening:

  • Spent 15 minutes a night cleaning or decluttering
  • Spend 15 to 30 minutes a night working on something that is related to achieving my monthly goals (which I plan to keep up now that they’re going so well for November)
  • Review my dinner plan for the next day and take out any items from the freezer that I might need

Rather than night goals, which I’m scratching, here’s my new morning routine:

  • Wake up at 4 a.m.
  • Browse social media and blogs for 15 minutes
  • Say my morning prayers
  • Read the Bible (this is a new one I’ve been doing as I found a schedule to read the entire Bible for a year, and I’m trying to do that this year)
  • Exercise for 10 to 30 minutes daily
  • Do my blog and freelance work
  • Clean up or declutter for 15 minutes
  • Take out anything I need to thaw for dinner tomorrow night

That will be my new morning routine.  I’m scratching spending 15 minutes on my monthly goals because I really can’t do anything that will make much noise in the mornings or I’ll wake the kids.  And I don’t want to wake the kids in the middle of my morning routine.  😉

If I’m successful with my new plan, then I’ll move on to Week 3 of 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life next week.

Have you taken the course 4 Weeks to a More Productive Life?  If so, what did you think?  Did it help you improve your productivity?


  1. I am basically the opposite of you. I am a night owl and I have given up the idea of having a very full morning routine and have moved as much as possible to my evening routine. So far it is working well.

    • Yes, you have to do what works best for you. For years, I stayed up late to get things done and then slept later in the morning. For this season of our lives, early mornings work best.

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