Menu Planning for September 15, 2018

Last week was our first week of taking two kids to ABA therapy 25 hours a week.  I naively thought I’d be able to cook meals at night, but that didn’t really happen because each day was jam packed.  Instead, we relied on easy and slow cooker meals, and I think we’ll keep doing that for the next few weeks as we get adjusted.

Here’s what we had last week:


Lunch: Grilled burgers & chicken legs, potato chips, grilled zucchini

Dinner: BLT Salad (with an egg–all but one of us like our BLTs with an egg.  Weird, I know.)


Lunch: Fried Rice, Broccoli

Dinner: Ground Beef, Egg and Cheese Breakfast Casserole, fresh fruit




Bacon, Egg, and Diced Potatoes with Cheese Skillet, Broccoli


Grilled cheese sandwiches, cucumbers, chips


Slow Cooker Taco Soup (from My FreezEasy)


I really just can’t remember!!

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