Menu Planning for August 26, 2018

Last week I made Iranian Kebab, but I only made a half batch because the girls don’t like it.  I used the rest of the beef to make tacos for them.  The three of us who do like it were really disappointed there were no leftovers, so no more half batches for us.  In fact, I’ll have to make it again soon because we’re still hankering for the leftovers.

Here’s the plan for this week:


Lunch: Meatball Subs, veggies (didn’t get to this last week)

Dinner: One Pot Stuffed Pepper Casserole, salad


Lunch: Easiest Burrito Bowl

Dinner: Hamburgers on the grill, veggies & fruit, baked potatoes


Paleo/Whole 30 Beef Stew


French toast, eggs, sausage links


Mexican Lasagna, lettuce, tomatoes




Swirly Pasta Skillet (from My FreezEasy)

What’s on your menu for the week?

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