Goals for 2018: Week 33 of 52

Last week, I tried to just eat when I was hungry.

When you’re a stress eater, as I have been all my life, waiting for your body to give you a sign it’s hungry is challenging.

Honestly, the only times I’ve been able to beat my stress eating and get thin is when I go on the Paleo AIP diet. However, this diet is very restrictive, and now that most of my health issues have been figured out, I don’t need to be so restrictive.

While I feel great on the Paleo diet, I also want to have beans, oats, and rice in my diet for the health benefits. And I don’t want to give up my sweets completely, though I will if I can’t manage them without binging.

But, I digress. For the most part this week, I did not feel overly full, so that is good. However, I think I only ate when I was hungry about 30% of the time. The rest of the time, I ate when I had just the slightest twinge that hunger was coming. Honestly, each of those times, I likely could have waited another hour or two to get truly hungry before I ate.

Still, I lost four pounds this week, so I must have been doing something right.

So, I’d chalk this week up to a good start, but I’m leaving this goal as my only goal for this week again because there is definite room for improvement.

There are many ways I can improve my diet, but I don’t want to worry about those now. Now, I simply want to eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m comfortable.

Do you find it difficult to eat just when you’re hungry, or is doing so natural for you?

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