Homeschool Crew Review: Math Refresher for Adults

Math is not my forte.  In Algebra I, I either easily understood a concept and got A+s or I was completely confused and got D-s.  When I moved on to Geometry the next year, I really struggled.  My patient teacher met with me every day after school until finally, at the end of the fall semester she suggested that I drop because I just wasn’t getting it.

Unfortunately, Bookworm seems to have inherited this gene from me.  However, we both got a chance to brush up on our math with Math Refresher for Adults from Math Essentials.

About Math Refresher for Adults

Math Refresher for Adults
Math Refresher for Adults is a 270 page book that covers math topics ranging from three-digit addition to algebra and probability and statistics.  There are two major topics covered in the book–general math and pre-algebra/algebra.  Major chapters in the book include:

  • Whole Numbers
  • Fractions
  • Decimals
  • Percents
  • Geometry
  • Integers
  • Charts and Graphs
  • Word Problems

I thought I’d be able to start in the pre-algebra section, but I actually had to start much earlier in the book, at fractions, to refresh my memory.

For each lesson, there is a short how-to video to watch (approximately 3 minutes long), and then the corresponding page has four review exercises and then 10 questions to practice the current concept.

How I Used Math Refresher for Adults

I used this on my own, making sure to write the problems out in a notebook, as the author suggests.  (He says people get a greater understanding when they write out the problem and figure it on a separate piece of paper.)

After awhile, I had Bookworm join me with the study.

What I Liked About Math Refresher for Adults

I really liked that the program didn’t require a lot of my time.  One page would take me about 15 minutes.  This is perfect for busy adults who want to become stronger at math but don’t have a lot of time.

I also liked that the videos were short and to the point but were informative and taught me exactly what I needed to know.

Suggestions for Improvement

Overall, I liked this book and think it fills an important niche.  I have only one suggestion for change.  There are three different books that Math Essentials creates videos for–Mastering Essential Math Skills (for grades 4-5), Mastering Essential Math Skills 2 (for middle school and high school), and Mastering Essential Math Skills Pre-Algebra.

There are not videos set aside specifically for this book, Math Refresher for Adults.  Instead, you must look through the topics in the other three books’ videos to find the video you should watch for the lesson you’re in.

It would have been easier to have taken those same videos used for other courses and compiled them together, in order, for this course.  I didn’t have trouble finding the videos the way it is, but it would have been simpler if they were compiled in one place together.

If you’re an adult who wants to be better at math or wants to help your children with their math, I highly recommend this book.  It is also good practice for the SAT/ACT.

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