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Having a teenage son in our current culture can be a scary experience.  Unsavory images and videos are available with the simple stroke of a few computer keys.  If you want to arm your child or tween in battle against pornography, you may want to consider listening to Hal and Melanie Young’s new book, Love, Honor and Virtue: Gaining or Regaining a Biblical Attitude Toward Sexuality published by Great Waters Press.

Love Honor and Virtue by Hal and Melanie Young

About Love, Honor and Virtue

This audiobook is read by Hal and comes with three CDs.  The book shares some startling facts that you may be aware of just from your own experience or those of friends with boys.  Our boys are no longer being exposed to pornography at the ages of 16 or 17 as they used to.  Rather, now, thanks to the internet, they may be exposed at age 12, 10 or even as young as 8!  Hal and Melanie explain that the battle has changed in the war against pornography.  They explain that we, as parents, know the tools we used to fight against impropriety during our youth, but the battle now is different and requires different tools.

The book covers the following topics:

  • To the Young Men on the Battlefield
  • Sex Was God’s Idea
  • It’s All Connected
  • The Enemy Perverts God’s Design
  • How Can a Young Man Keep His Way Pure
  • Recovering from a Fall
  • Guys and Girls
  • The Road Ahead

How We Used This Book

I listened to this book by myself, and I’m glad that I did.  Now, I know all of the content, so I’ll feel more comfortable when I listen to this with Bookworm, and yes, I do plan on listening to it with him.

My Thoughts on This Book

This audiobook goes well beyond basic sexual facts.  Some parts, including a section that explains the sex act between husband and wife and goes into detail about foreplay, may make you uncomfortable; I would not recommend listening to this audiobook in the car with younger children.  However, I do appreciate the frankness of the content of this book because I think it’s important that young men know how sex is framed within marriage and the cycle of life.  Hal naturally goes from marriage, to the sex act, to procreation and birth.

In general, the book made me think about issues I hadn’t really given much thought to before.  For instance, most boys used to reach puberty at around 16 and get married around 22, giving them just six short years to grapple with typical desires without a mate.  Now, however, boys can reach puberty as young as 10, but they might not get married until 30, leaving them with 20 years to grapple with their desires.  Add in the ease of which they can view pornography, and young men are facing a tough situation.

While the first half or more of the book is spent examining our current culture, explaining the importance of sex within the marriage, and explaining how early boys are now going through puberty, the rest of the book offers suggestions for how to combat temptation and what to do if you give in to temptation.

Overall, I enjoyed this presentation and will share it with my teenage son.

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