My Weight Loss Plan

I’ve never been a yo-yo dieter; instead, for most of my life, up until my early 30s, I was, shall we say, pleasingly plump.  Then, after I had my first child, I bumped up into the seriously overweight range and stayed there until I was done having children.  But then, I started having health issues–often feeling like I couldn’t breathe (turned out to be a dairy intolerance), and then feeling like my throat was closing in after I ate.  Although I wouldn’t discover this for years, I was experiencing the latter symptom because of a mold exposure.

My Yo-Yo Dieting History

In 2012, I started the Paleo AIP program, and the weight just dropped off, and my symptoms got better.  Without sweets and carbs, I didn’t experience cravings and the pounds melted off.  I got down to 141 pounds.  And then, about 18 months later, I had a sweet.  And within a year, I had gained back a lot of my weight.


I stayed heavy for a bit, until my throat started bothering me again.  Once again I went on the AIP program, and again I got down to 141.  (That seems to be my magic number.)  After my foot surgery last March, I got down to 135.  I had worked with a naturopath the year before, discovered the root of my problems was mold in my body, did a protocol to remove the mold, and I was fine.

But, with the stress of my children with autism showing their symptoms, when I reintroduced food, I leaned too heavily on the sweets and carbs, and now, well, now I’ve gained back a lot of weight.

However, I’m no longer sick like I was each time before, and I really, really don’t want to go on AIP again because it’s so restrictive and not sustainable for me for a lifetime.

I want to be able to eat a variety of foods in moderation while maintaining a healthy weight.

So, I’ve set a plan for myself that I’ll follow and continue to tweak.  I don’t want to be suddenly restrictive; I want to gently, gradually change my eating style to the way I want it to be for a lifetime.

My Healthy Living Plan

For the first two weeks, this is my plan:


  • Exercise for 60 minutes a week
  • Do one 15 minute session of yoga a week


  • Eat no more than 4 servings of carbs a day (for me, that is usually granola, Fluffy AIP Biscuits, or rice)
  • Eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies a day
  • Eat only one sweet a day, at the end of the day  (While this may seem indulgent, right now I’m eating sweets throughout the day.  Just being honest.)

That’s it; nice and simple.  No counting calories or points, just healthier eating.  After I adapt to these changes, in about a two weeks or so, I’ll make more changes that will continue to get me healthier.

Have you struggled with your weight?  If so, what helped you most?

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