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In our house, we’ve been long time fans of ARTistic Pursuits, Inc.  However, I always wished that some of their lessons included a video; as luck would have it, they’ve recently developed a new program that includes video lessons.  Currently, there are six volumes in ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books with DVD and Blu-Ray, but there are two more volumes coming out this summer.

 ARTistic Pursuits

About ARTistic Pursuits Art Instruction Books

As mentioned, there are currently six volumes available in this series:

  • Art for Children, Building a Visual Vocabulary (Vol. 1)
  • Art of the Ancients (Vol. 2)
  • Art of the Middle Ages (Vol. 3)
  • Artists that Shaped the Italian Renaissance (Vol. 4)
  • Art of the Northern Countries, Renaissance to Realism (Vol. 5)
  • Art of the Impressionists (Vol. 6)

In addition, two more volumes are due out this summer:

  • Art of the Modern Age (Vol. 7)
  • Art in America (Vol. 8)

We chose to use Volume 3, Art of the Middle Ages.  In this volume, there are 12 text lessons and 6 visual lessons, for a total of 18 lessons.   The visual lessons run approximately 8 to 10 minutes long.  The visual lesson includes a lesson on one of the techniques featured in the book; much of the information passed to the child is done so in a question and answer format between two voices off screen while children watch someone creating the art.  There is pleasant music playing in the background.  The video should appeal to most students.

Most of the required art supplies are easy to find, and the book conveniently has a page that lists all of the supplies needed for all of the lessons.

The book contains much more than just art lessons.  Also included is art history about the time, which explains how and why certain types of art were included.  (As a history nerd, I really loved these sections of the book.)

In addition, there are pictures of art from the time as well as samples of students’ art for each particular lesson.

Finally, each lesson contains prep notes for the homeschooling parent as well as prep notes for those using the curriculum in a classroom setting.

Our Experience with ARTistic Pursuits’ Art of the Middle Ages

PB & J Girl (just finishing 3rd grade) loves art, so she used the curriculum.  She enjoyed trying some new art techniques that Bookworm had tried in his high school art class, including using gold paper.  (We used gold origami paper.)

The book started with a lesson in paper weaving.  Children then used that skill to make other paper weaving projects including a weave crown and woven beasts.

Lesson 3 was art in monasteries, and PB & J Girl liked making an initial page.  Her only issue was that she traced her initial “J” on the back of the gold paper, but when she cut it out and glued it on, the front was backward.

Still, she didn’t mind and was proud of her art work.

Our Thoughts on ARTistic Pursuits Video Lessons

The new video lessons, hard cover slim book, and detailed illustrations inside make this book very user friendly.  Most parents will have no trouble using it even if art isn’t their strong suit.

While this program is marketed for K-3rd grade,  PB & J Girl thought the videos were a bit too young for her.  She thought that best age for this program was K-2nd.  I would have to agree with her.  A year or two ago, the video lessons would have been perfect for her.

As a mom who is not great at art, I love, love, love that ARTistic Pursuits has added a visual component that really helps kids understand the lessons in a fun, engaging way.

 ARTistic Pursuits
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  1. Hi from Brenda. I’m so glad PB and J girl liked the videos. The entire 8 volumes are for K-3rd grade, with the first in the set geared to the younger in this age range and the final ones geared to the older. With this set, you can jump into any of the volumes and the 5th Volume where we introduce printmaking and watercolor techniques will contain the challenge that your daughter desires. Volume 8 gets into drawing skills for those around 3rd grade. So your daughter’s observation on the grade level of the video was very accurate. Thanks for taking time to write about your experiences with the book!

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