Goals for 2018: Week 18 of 52

I’m finally making some progress on my goals!  Even if it takes me all year to reach all of these goals, at least I will have changed my life in a positive way, and that’s worth it for me.

Since I’m crossing one of my goals off the list this week since I consider it accomplished, I’m adding a new goal–take 10 minutes after the kids go to bed every night and clean or declutter one area.  I’ll report on that next week.

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Make Time to Relax

Read a book a week.   I’m three quarters of the way through Somewhere There Is Still a Sun.  It’s deep and emotional, so I can only read a bit at a time.  I’m halfway through Josiah’s Fire and I finished The Woman in the Window.  I highly recommend it.  (I’ll be posting a review on Friday!)

Write. Nothing this week.

Care for Myself

Exercise.  Nothing this week.

Manage my sugar cravings. My mom and I started Weight Watchers last week.  (I had been doing it online with little success, so we decided to go to the meetings.)  I also decided that rather than using the Freestyle program, I’ll use the Simply Filling technique.  The first week in I lost 3 pounds.

Create a Manageable Schedule for Myself

Still working on this.

Re-establish My Prayer Routine – ACCOMPLISHED!

I have been doing great with this.  I’m marking it as accomplished because I’ve successfully done it the past few weeks, and it’s now become habit for me.

How are you doing on your goals?  I’d love it if you’d share in the comments!

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