Goals for 2018: Week 10 of 52

I’ve decided to add a new goal this week.  I need to get on a regular cleaning schedule.  I cook three meals every day plus snacks, and I keep up with the dishes every day.  But, there is a lot that could use improvement.  My goal for this week is to keep the kitchen surfaces cleaned and empty.  Our island and our deep freezer are clutter magnets, and it drives me crazy!

As a reminder, here are my January goals and my added new goal.

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Make Time to Relax

Read a book a week.  I am working on finishing You Need a Budget., and I am about halfway done with The Two-Family House.  I finished The Invention of Wings.


Write. I wrote in my journal twice this week.

Care for Myself

Exercise.  No exercise this week.

Manage my sugar cravings. I rejoined Weight Watchers.  (I dropped out when I had my tooth extracted and could only eat soft foods.)  As a result, I have to control my sugar cravings so I can stay within my daily points.

Create a Manageable Schedule for Myself

I am happy to report that the chore chart is working beautifully with the girls.  Now I need to work on getting a cleaning routine for myself.

Re-establish My Prayer Routine

I am back to saying my morning prayers, but I have to add the rosary back in.

Make $25 a Month on Swagbucks

Eek!  This week was busy, and I barely had any time to do Swagbucks.  I only earned 26 Swagbucks this week, bringing my total to 1995.  I started at 214 Swagbucks back at the end of January.  I’m close to my first $25 Amazon gift card for the year, but I have to carve out some time to work on this next week.

These are my initial goals for 2018.  How are you doing on your goals?  I’d love it if you’d share in the comments!

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