Homeschool Crew Review: Wulf the Saxon by Heirloom Audio Productions

Heirloom Audio Productions has added another great title to their collection of works by G.A. Henty.  This time it is Wulf the Saxon about the Norman conquest.  We received the physical CD and enjoyed listening to it!

Wulf the Saxon

About Wulf the Saxon

This audio story is 2.5 hours long and offers a complex story of battle and English history.  Though it’s appropriate for ages 6 to 16, I enjoyed listening to this story myself.

It opens with King Edward the Confessor on the throne.  Though he is the king, everyone knows that Earl Harold Godwinson is the true ruler.

Wulf of Steyning is Harold’s loyal thane.  When Harold, Wulf, Wulf’s squire Osgood, and a thane named Bayorn, among many other men, were taking a boating trip to hunting grounds, they are caught up in bad weather and end up in a wreck off the coast of Normandy.  They are taken captive by Count Conrad.  Wulf and Bayorn manage to escape, and per Harold’s directions, they find Duke William who should be able to secure Harold and the other men’s release because William is friends with King Edward the Confessor.

At the end of the three day trip, Wulf and Bayorn find themselves at the residence of Baron De Burg, who sends his men to talk to William and secure the release of the other men.  Wulf is interested in Baron De Burg’s daughter, Agnes.

While William does secure the men’s release, during a party celebrating their release, William tricks Harold over relics to swear that he will marry William’s daughter.  Harold is furious when he learns not only that he was tricked, but that it was done publicly.  Besides the fact that he was tricked, Harold is in love with Lady Edith, but they cannot marry because she is from a lowly station.

What follows are a number of battles, including with the Welsh and the Normans.

Eventually, when Edward the Confessor dies, Harold becomes the king.  However, Harold has to pay a high price for not keeping his end of the bargain with William, even though he was tricked.  He also finds that his relationship with Lady Edith needs to be terminated if he wishes to keep England together.

Our Thoughts on Wulf the Saxon

This is a fascinating story that will interest most children.  I think boys especially will be interested in the many battles and fights in the story.

I don’t know much about British history, but this CD was an excellent way to teach me and my children about one particularly turbulent time in English history.  There were many personal sacrifices on the part of both Harold and Lady Edith, among others, to promote the good and unity of England.

We have listened to many Heirloom Audio Productions including The Dragon and the Raven, With Lee in VirginiaCaptain Bayley’s Heir, In the Reign of Terror, The Cat of Bubastes, and Beric the Briton, but this was one of the most complex story lines we’ve heard.

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