This and That, December 11, 2017

Things were a little quiet on the blog here recently because we’ve been busy, busy, busy.

Colonoscopy, Oh Yeah!

I finally got to schedule and have my colonoscopy.  I know colonoscopies are not that exciting for most people, but I was overjoyed to finally get this done!  Because my dad died of colon cancer in his late 30s, I should have a colonoscopy every five years.  (I had my first one at 29.)  It had been 6.5 years, and I was getting really anxious to get it done.  The last thing I want to do is wait too long for my colonoscopy and find out I have cancer.  So, I had the colonoscopy on Tuesday, and everything went perfectly.  Even better, they didn’t find any polyps.  Yay!

Cookies Galore

The girls had to bake 8 dozen cookies to sell as a fund raiser for their American Heritage Girls troop.  Making the cookies, bagging them, and labeling the ingredients took the better part of a day.  But we had fun.


Two of my kids started private speech therapy last week, and also, our child with autism started occupational therapy.  I’m very grateful that these providers come to our house.  That is a little less running for us.

Christmas Presents

My mom flew into town last weekend, but she came with a cold, so she was out of commission for a few days.  Then, I took a day or two to rebound from my colonoscopy, and then it was time to bake cookies with the girls.

However, I used the end of the week to organize all of the Christmas presents that we have so far and make a list of what we still need to get.  (Every year, my husband and I save all of our wrapping for December 24th, and it’s, so this year my goal is to finish much earlier.)


Also, I started decluttering our house.  This year has been so busy and chaotic that the house seriously needs to be decluttered.  My goal is to take one hour every day to declutter.  I think most of it should be done by the time my mom leaves at this pace.

How is your holiday season going?


  1. I would love in home OT! We have it twice a month and I have to pull the kiddo from school and schlep him there.Thankfully we also get some in school OT and ST,
    so less driving.

    • Yes, it’s been quite a blessing! We’re running for so many other appointments, it’s nice to have a few at home.

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