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All of my kids have been in speech therapy at some point in their lives.  Currently, one is in speech therapy and the other is about to start up again.  I also have a child who struggles with focus, so I was excited to try out Forbrain by Sounds for Life LTD as it is supposed to address both of these issues among others.

About Forbrain

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD

Forbrain is a bone conducting device.  You wear it over your ears with the bone conducting mechanism resting right in front of your ear.  There is also a microphone attached.

When you first receive Forbrain, you need to charge it, which you can easily do by hooking it up to your computer.  It takes about three hours to charge and is then good to go with enough battery life for six hours.

When you wear Forbrain, you feel like you’re speaking into a microphone.  Your voice is amplified, and I noticed that each of my kids spoke more quietly when wearing this.  My daughter said that I, too, spoke more quietly when wearing this.

Forbrain is meant to help a variety of issues including:

  • attention (improves not only attention but auditory processing and sensory integration)
  • speech (including speech fluency, pronunciation, sound discrimination, and rhythm)
  • memory (improved memory can help with reading, writing and chatting)

How long you use Forbrain depends on your age.  Sounds for Life LTD recommends using it daily.  If you’re under 5, you should use it for 10 minutes, those 5 to 15 should use it 15 minutes a day, and those over 15 should use it 20 minutes a day.  Seniors can use it 30 minutes a day to help with memory.

How We Used Forbrain

The kids and I all used this during the review period.  Ironically, the two children that I wanted to use it the most due to issues with speech, focus, and attention, used it the least.

I used it when I was reading aloud to my kids.  I was surprised how loud I sounded when wearing Forbrain.  I also paid more attention to my inflection and feel like I read in a more expressive manner when wearing it.  However, I usually wore it no more than 10 minutes because it would give me a minor headache after that.  I am wondering if this is something that goes away with time.

One of my daughters loved wearing it and wore it when she read aloud and when she was just chatting.  She said it made her sound like she does when she’s on video tape.  She felt like it made her read slower and more deliberately.

Final Thoughts on Forbrain

It’s too early for us to see dramatic improvements.  (The website says improvements are noticed within 6 weeks, and we’ve only been using the product for about 4 weeks.)  However, I do plan to continue using it myself, and I plan to continue trying to get my other two children to use it as I think it will greatly benefit them.  My other daughter will happily continue using it as she really enjoys it.

Forbrain Sound for Life LTD
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