2018 Plan: “Finding” Money for Our Trip to Michigan

Earlier this year, when life was a bit quieter, I set on a goal to “find” $750 for our trip to Michigan.  Unfortunately, we didn’t end up going to Michigan; instead, we took a four day trip to Flagstaff, Arizona and to the Grand Canyon.

In 2018, I really want to make it back to Michigan, hopefully sometime in the fall, so I am once again setting a goal to “find” money for our trip.  I think we should have about 9 months to save, if I start now.  Here is how I plan to do it:

Save Credit Card Cash Back

Our credit card has a generous cash back offer, so I intend to take all of that money and save it for Michigan.

Use Ebates

I have had an Ebates account since 2011, but I always forget to use it when I’m shopping online.  This year, I decided that would change.  I installed an Ebates button on my computer.  Now, whenever I go to a site where Ebates offers cash back, a little box pops up and asks if I want to activate my cash back AND sometimes they have coupon codes to save you money on your purchase.  Um, yes please!

For the first time since signing up six years ago, every quarter this year I have gotten a rebate check.  Sweeeet!

(Use my referral link to sign up with Ebates, and you can earn $10 immediately.)

Use Swagbucks

I did start increasing my Swagbucks usage, and I recently cashed out a $25 gift card.  Yay!

Use Ibotta

I had seen other bloggers write about Ibotta, but I figured since we didn’t eat many processed foods, Ibotta wouldn’t have coupons for me.  Boy, was I wrong.  I got $10 for joining.  (Use my referral link to sign up, and you can earn $10 right off the bat, too!)  I have gotten .50 cash back for bananas, $2 cash back for Enjoy Life cookies, and $1.25 cash back for eggs, just to name a few.  I stopped using this after my foot surgery, but in just a short time, I accrued $26.  I’m looking forward to starting this up again.

Save the Change

I’m trying to make it a habit to pay cash for our groceries, so I’ll round up at each store and save the change.

I plan to implement these strategies to save money for our trip to Michigan; I’ll also be exploring other ways to make extra money.

Do you have any ways you use to “find” money for things that are normally not in your budget?

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