My Goals for September, 2017, and an Update on Last Month’s Goals

As I mentioned last month, I know I won’t be able to accomplish most of the audacious goals I set in January, 2017 because of the chaos in our lives.  However, I am trying to slowly get back into goal setting.  For right now, I’ll do it month by month as life here is unpredictable.

Here are the goals I’d like to accomplish in September (a little late, oops!):

Exercise for 10 minutes a day 15 days of the month.  I’ve not been exercising because of my foot surgery, but it’s been five months since surgery, and my foot is all healed, so no more exercise excuses.

Create a schedule for school.  We’ve just about added in all of the activities we’ll have for the fall, so now it’s time to iron out when we’ll do school.  I like to have a regular routine, and I find that the kids do better with a routine, too.

Create an English class for Bookworm.  Bookworm has been resistant to the type of schooling he used to love.  Instead, he’s asked me to create a course around his current interests, one of which is the city of Detroit.  So, I’ll be developing a course for him that will involve writing several essays and reading six to eight books either set in Detroit or about Detroit, both fiction and non-fiction.

Stick to my $750 grocery budget for the month.  Over Labor Day, I stocked the freezer with 33 meals.  That is enough dinners to cover September and part of October.  However, it also means I front loaded a lot of my grocery shopping, so the rest of the month is going to be tight.  But I’m pretty sure I can do it.

Create a new family budget.  I really hate budgeting and often feel like a dog chasing its tail.  I recently read of a different budgeting strategy that I’m going to try out.

Say my morning prayers every morning.  Before life got crazy this summer, I had a good routine with my morning prayers.  It’s time to restart that.

Here’s an update on how I did on August’s goals:

Get the kids on a school routine.  That means writing out a schedule each weekend and completing the assignments on the schedule each week. YES!  This has been hugely successful, and I finally feel like we’re in a good grove as we were before my foot surgery.

Sew one project for a Christmas present.  Thanks to all of the therapy said child is in, money is very tight.  I plan to make several homemade Christmas presents for my kids. Not accomplished.

Sew my daughters’ AHG badges on their vests.  AHG starts again mid-August, and the badges need to be sewn on by then.  YES!

Set up a chore schedule for my kids.  YES!  We reviewed the Everyday Family Chore System, and that has really helped us create a manageable system.

Say the rosary at least 14 times this month.  I’ll admit it, I’ve been a little angry about this autism diagnosis, and my prayer life has suffered.  I want to get back into the routine of saying my prayers. Not accomplished.

Take a trip to California with my family.  My husband has to renew his Japanese passport at a Japanese consulate office, and the nearest one is in L.A., so we’re headed to California sometime this month.  YES!  We had fun, and my husband got his passport.

That’s it for goals.  Sweet and fairly simple, and a very good way to get back into the goal setting routine.

How do you get back into “life” when your world feels chaotic?


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