Homeschooling Kinesthetic Learners

I’m a visual learner.   Bookworm is a visual learner.  Cuddle Bug is an auditory learner.

And PB & J Girl?  She’s our kinesthetic learner.  There is nothing she loves more than d-o-i-n-g.

There is nothing I have a harder time doing than appealing to her learning style because it’s the least likely way I learn.

But over the years, I have gotten better at it.

Here are some of the ways we appeal to our kinesthetic learner:

Hands on Math.  PB & J Girl LOVES Math-U-See because she gets to use the manipulatives.  It is a natural fit for her, and one that we plan to stick with as long as it’s working.

Weekly Art.  We try to do art twice a week.  While she may sometimes get frustrated with her results, she loves art time because she gets to do something.

Plenty of Time for Creativity.  I try to make sure that the girls have plenty of time to have hobbies.  Right now, as to be expected, all of PB & J Girl’s hobbies are physical ones–sewing, making Rainbow Loom bracelets, and writing a book and reading it to us.

Lots of Science Experiments.  This is the area where I struggle the most.  Yet, every time I pull out a hands-on science experiment, she’s delighted.  There is nothing she loves more than learning through doing.  After our last hands-on experiment, she exclaimed, “This is the kind of science I love!”  I’m stretching myself to try to include more of those type of learning activities for her.

AHG Supplements.  Both girls are in American Heritage Girls this year, so I try to have them work on badges that match what they’re studying in school.  For instance, we were just studying Native Americans, so they worked on the Native American badge.  One of the activities they had to complete for this badge was creating a pot and painting it as a Native American would have.  PB & J Girl loved this activity, and it was a great way to supplement our homeschool.

Do you have a kinesthetic learner?  If so, what activities do you try to include in your homeschool?

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  1. Most of my children are kinesthetic learners. We do quite a bit of hands on, but like you, it is a struggle sometimes. I try to make sure my 9 year old, 6 year old and 4 year old have at least one hands-on activity a day, and one big project per week. Hands on could be as simple as a cut and glue page or pattern blocks. Projects range from planting seeds to making pyramids to cooking something. It depends on how much time and energy I have!

  2. I went the same route with my letter “K” blog this week– love it!

  3. hands on is an excellent way to learn. I also need to keep my fingers busy or my mind wanders. 🙂

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