Menu Planning (What We Ate Last Week) – 5/15/16

I’m trying something new.  Rather than menu planning what we’re going to eat in the upcoming week, I’ll instead tell you what we ate last week.  By doing it this way, you actually get to see many of our meals, which is better than just getting a link to them.

However, like any new habit, this will take awhile.  Last week I was just winging it recipe-wise, which means I didn’t always have a memorable plan or that I took pictures.  As the weeks go on, this type of post should be more organized.

Here are some of the meals we ate last week:

Chicken Zoodle Soup


Rotisserie Chicken from Costco, cucumber slices, fries (It was a busy night.  Can you tell?)


Chicken Thighs and Paleo Maple Roasted Brussel Sprouts, Sweet Potatoes, and Bacon


Beef Skillet Supper


Rosemary & Prosciutto Stromboli, cucumber slices, broccoli


What are you making this week?

For more menu planning ideas, visit Menu Planning Monday and Gluten Free Menu Swap.




  1. Wow, that Stromboli looks impressive! Was it as easy to make as the recipe sounds?

    • Melissa says:

      It was a little tricky, but it wasn’t that hard to make. It had a texture that I guess resembles cheese inside, but we haven’t had cheese in so long that it was just a little weird for us. I’d eat this again, but I’m not sure if the kids will. 🙂

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