Menu Planning for February 8, 2015

We’re the second week into our 4 week cycle of groceries, and we’ve already spent 80% of the grocery money, in part because we had to pay $110 down for a pork share that we’ll receive in early March.  That means for the next two weeks, we’ll be eating from the freezer and from the pantry.  This week, I’m focusing on using up the cabbage we have in the refrigerator.  (I’m hoping it goes on sale again for St. Patrick’s Day, so I want to use up what we have now.)  We’re also using up the potatoes we have.  Here’s the plan:


Breakfast–sausage links, rice, oranges, eggs
Lunch–kielbasa, red pepper, onions and carrots with rice
Dinner–Roasted chicken, baked potatoes, roasted asparagus



Breakfast–sausage links, rice, apples, eggs
Lunchsloppy joes for a crowd over diced potatoes, peas
Dinner–Chicken rice soup with carrots, celery, and beans



Breakfast— Bread pudding, cantaloupe, sausage links
LunchRoasted Tomato Soup, baked potatoes (the kids are having some cavities filled, so I want to give them easy foods to eat)
Dinner–squash stuffed with ground turkey and veggies


Breakfast–mango/strawberry/banana/yogurt smoothie, sausage links, scrambled eggs
Lunch–Ground Beef & Sweet Potato Chili (from eMeals‘ (affiliate link) Paleo plan)
Dinner–Polish Sausage, Cabbage, and Carrots in the slow cooker, rice


Breakfast–fried rice with eggs and veggies, sausage
LunchCabbage Beef Casserole, peas
Dinner–Beef Stew with carrots, potatoes, and peas in the slow cooker


Lunch–Turkey Chili

Dinner–Foil dinner with hamburgers, potatoes, carrots (we didn’t get to make this last week, so it’s on the menu plan again)

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