It’s Almost Time to Get Settled In

9960a4ac078b48c3980edc00ab30086bOur family has been in Arizona for 23 days now.  We’ve been living out of a suitcase, but that is all about to end.

This week we’ll move into our new home.

I’m excited that we finally have a place of our own, though I must say, when I saw the total price we’d pay for our house including interest if we made the exact payment every month for 30 years, I almost choked!  The house price increases by 56% after paying interest for 30 years.  Yikes!

Where We Plan to Go with Our Debt Repayment

As many readers know, we still have student loan debt.  The student loan debt is at 6.8% interest, so paying that down will be our first priority over the house.  (The mortgage has an interest rate of 4.25%.)

However, we won’t be getting gazelle intense until next summer.  My husband will apply this fall for a grant to pay half of his student loan balance off thanks to his field of research.  He has about a 66% chance of getting the grant.  He won’t know if he is awarded the grant until next spring, so he wants to wait to pay any more than the minimum monthly payments until he knows if he got the grant.

So, for the next 9 months or so, we’ll make a regular house payment and a regular student loan payment.  Extra money that might have gone on those debts will instead go into beefing up our emergency fund.

Taking Home Improvements One Step at a Time

There is so much that we want to do with our new home.  However, we don’t want to go into debt to get everything done, so we’ll be tackling home improvements slowly.

In the next month or two, we only plan on two big projects:

  • painting the girls’ bedroom (it’s dark orange right now)
  • creating a garden space in the backyard so I can grow veggies and fruits.

We have many other projects that we’d like to tackle like painting our kitchen cabinets white, replacing the silver and gold bathroom faucets, replacing the ceiling fans and changing out the bathroom light fixtures.  Those will wait, though.

So, I may be scarce around here this week, but that’s just because we’re getting settled in our new digs.  Soon, I hope to be back to a normal posting schedule–the one I used to have months ago before we knew we’d be moving.


  1. I lived in Arizona for 4 years and thought it was too hot to plant a garden. I was able to grow a few things. But I have since found “The Prudent Homemaker” blog. You should check her out if you are not familiar. She lives in Las Vegas and has an oasis in the desert. She grows many things. She waters by drip line which is the way to go, especially if you are starting from scratch. Do it right the first time.

    • Thanks for the advice. I have been reading up on the Prudent Homemaker’s garden. I don’t anticipate being able to grow so much so well, but I would like to make a dent in our grocery budget. 🙂

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