Menu Planning for February 2, 2014

I’m such a lucky girl!  While I’m working on my writing during the weekend, my husband is hard at work taking care of the kids and cooking in the kitchen.  This weekend, I had a mini freezer cooking session and put 13 meals in the freezer in between working on my writing.  Meanwhile, my husband did a bunch of bulk cooking so we have fresh meals to last us for the first half of the week.  That sure makes meal planning easier!

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Menu Plan

Sunday–Beef Roast, Roasted Cauliflower, Homemade Fries

MondaySalsa Meatloaf, Homemade Tomato Soup, leftover roasted cauliflower

Tuesday–leftover Beef Roast, rice, and salad

WednesdayBeef Stroganoff with GF pasta, mixed vegetables

ThursdaySaucy Vegetable Beef Soup

FridayBacon Burger Rice, green beans


Do you regularly do freezer cooking or bulk cooking on the weekend to make weekday meal time go smoother?

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  1. I just downloaded a mobile application for different recipes. I love cooking, but I’m more into meats right now, but I’m trying to eat more vegetables and fruits.

  2. Salsa and bacon always get my attention, so I’m going to have to give the meatloaf and rice dishes a try. Have a great week!

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