Rent an Organic Apple Tree and Get Apples for .25 a Pound!

100_5533aYou might remember that we rented two apple trees this year.  We picked the first, a Paula Red, in August and got 94 pounds of apples.  We processed them all into applesauce and apple butter.

We got the notice last weekend that our Rome apple tree was ready for picking.  With the Paula Red, we waited 7 days after we got the notice to go pick, and many of the apples were already on the ground.  This time we headed out within 3 days.

Let me tell you, picking an apple tree isn’t like a Norman Rockwell painting.  While I pictured peaceful orchards and the whole family picking apples, reality was a little different.

The orchard was peaceful, but before I had even picked my first apple, a bee had stung me.  I haven’t been stung since I was little, and I forgot how much it hurts!  I’m still itching tonight.  That was enough for the kids to make a mad dash for the car.  Luckily Bookworm occupied the girls, but they still kept running and screaming any time a bee came near.

This tree, too, was surrounded by poison ivy, but we came prepared with socks over our jeans so no skin was exposed.  It was a stylish look, let me tell you!

100_5536Still, our tree was HUGE.  My husband and I picked for 75 minutes.  We brought 7 boxes to put the apples in, but that wasn’t enough!  We had to leave some apples on the tree that we couldn’t reach.

When we got home and weighed the apples, we were both shocked!

We had picked 209 pounds of apples!

How much did we pay to rent our organic apple tree?  Only $55.  That means we paid .26/pound for our organic apples.  Even better, Rome apples stay good in the refrigerator for months, so we don’t anticipate buying apples for quite some time.

100_5538Check this out–our apartment has a “spare” refrigerator downstairs.  We completely filled it with the apples we picked, and not all of them fit in there!  We still have another box that didn’t fit!

We’ll sort through them this weekend.  I’ll have another post in a few weeks sharing what we did with all of these apples.


  1. Eric Rosenberg says:

    Every time I see you write about the apple trees, I just want fresh apple pie. Looks delicious!

  2. Great photo of your refrigerator!

  3. Renting an apple tree, what a concept. What a beautiful sight, even if the picking was awful!

  4. Holy Mackerel! What a bounty — good job!

    Now, just as an aside, I know this may sound like a petty correction, but I’m guessing that what stung you out at the orchard was actually a ‘wasp’, and not a ‘bee’. Wasps like garbage, and in the fall need to start incorporating more sugar into their diet, so apples falling on the ground and decomposing definitely attracts them this time of year. Wasps can indeed be nasty little buggers — highly aggressive, and a painful sting with which they can strike multiple times. This is very different than an actual ‘bee’ — who keep busy collecting nectar from flowers and are not at all attracted to rotting food. Bees are typically not especially aggressive either unless actively trying to defend a hive, and even then they can only sting but once (the act of which kills them). I’m just making this distinction because Bees get such a bad rap from being lumped with their nasty, mean cousins, the Wasps — when in actuality the two are very different indeed. Plus bees play such a crucially VITAL part in our agriculture — in fact you have them and their industrious ways to thank for pollinating your apples trees that lead to this amazing bounty in the first place! They are very much our friends :-). Sadly though, bees all over are actually having a very hard time right now, due to the alarming condition known as ‘Colony Collapse Disorder’ — which is reducing their numbers precipitously (scientists are working on it, though it’s taking time). Well anyway, from one homeschooling mom to another, just thought you might like to know 🙂

    • Thanks for the comment. You may be right that it was a wasp. I never actually saw what stung me! All I know is that it really hurt, and it took one week to go away. Yowza!

  5. I searched the site and didn’t find an update on what you did with these apples. I know it’s an extremely old post but I’m cleaning out my email inbox and came across the post and wanted to read an update on it

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