Menu Planning for October 19, 2013

I’m trying something new this week.  Now that the kids are home with me all day, I find myself flying by the seat of my pants, so to speak, at lunch time.  So this week, I’ll see if things go more smoothly when I write down all the meals for the week.

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Menu Plan


Breakfast–gluten free pancakes, homemade applesauce (recipe coming soon)
Lunch–Taco salad, guacamole, salsa and chips
Dinner–BLT sandwiches


BreakfastPumpkin pucks, bacon, fruit salad
LunchBeef & broccoli stir fry, rice
Dinner–Turkey meatloaf (new allergy friendly recipe I’m trying out that I hope to share soon)


Breakfast–gluten free pancakes, fruit salad
Lunch–blt sandwiches, chips, fruit
DinnerSlow Cooker Polish Sausage, Potatoes & Carrots (subbing sauerkraut for carrots and water for homemade chicken broth)


Breakfast–Hard boiled eggs, homemade breakfast sausage, fruit
DinnerChicken Apple Sausage, Kale & Rice Soup


Breakfast–gluten free apple muffins, breakfast sausage, fruit
Lunch–shredded pork sausage, homemade french fries, veggie
Dinner–spaghetti with meatballs


Breakfast–scrambled eggs, fruit, breakfast sausage
Lunch–hot dogs, homemade french fries, carrot sticks
Dinner–Turkey meatloaf, peas, mashed potatoes


Breakfast–gluten free panckakes, fruit, eggs
Lunch–hummus, carrots, veggie straws
Dinner–Polish sausage, potatoes, carrots

Do you menu plan all your meals for the week or just dinner?

For more meal ideas, visit Menu Planning Monday and Gluten Free Menu Planning.


  1. Yummy menu. We had BLTs last week and they were so good – it had been way to long.

  2. I go through stages where I need to plan all meals — like when my kids go back to school or we have a big change in our daily routine. It always helps me, but I don’t keep up with it for more than a few weeks.

  3. The Beef and Broccoli looks so good. My husband and son would love it.

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