Menu Planning for April 28, 2013

We’re one week into our experiment of adding gluten back into our diet.  So far, one child’s behavior is unchanged.  Another child’s behavior seems a bit more hyper.  The third child, well, that child is DEFINITELY more hyper, spinning around in circles, jumping off the couch, jumping off chairs. . .

We’ll stay on gluten for at least two more weeks, but then we’ll need to decide what we’ll do because the one child is definitely being affected by the gluten in the diet.

I’m enjoying making bread again, though.  It’s bittersweet because I find breadmaking so relaxing, and honestly, making gluten free bread just isn’t the same.  I’ll enjoy it for a few more weeks, but then I think we might be saying adios to gluten.

I’m relying on the last of our freezer meals this week.  Here’s the meal plan for the week:

Monday–Slow Roasted Cola Pork, Green Beans, French bread

TuesdayMexican Chicken & Bean Soup, guacamole, nacho chips


WednesdayTaco Soup, guacamole, nacho chips

ThursdayThe Best Tomato Sauce Ever with spaghetti, French bread, mixed vegetables








FridayGoulash, green beans


My throat issues have gotten much better, so I’m going to experiment with adding more foods back in my diet.  I’m most excited to add back bacon and avocado.  If that goes well, I’ll continue to add more foods.

This week my son and I both go take our food intolerance tests.  We probably won’t get the results back until early June, but I’m hoping that I’ll get back a number of foods that I was intolerant to previously.

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