Menu Planning for February 9, 2013

We are reaching the end of our gluten free trial, and so far we notice great improvement in one child’s behavior.  This child is much calmer than usual.  The child used to have wild, exaggerated movements, and now that is gone.  The other child seems to be doing better but has sometimes gotten gluten on accident.  Then we notice a definite change in behavior.  The last child shows no difference, with or without gluten.

I know that I will have to be gluten free for life, but I really, really didn’t want that for my kids.  Yet for two of them, their behavior is much better, one drastically, and the other, it is too early to tell because that child has periodically gotten gluten.

We will be travelling for a conference in March, so we decided to carry on the gluten free trial for awhile, until we don’t have such busy weeks in February and March.  Then we will go back on gluten to compare the behavior.  My guess is that the kids won’t be back on it for long because I can see what the behavioral changes will probably be like.

Here is our menu plan for the week:

For the Family (Dairy Free and Gluten Free)

Lunch–Lunch out to celebrate our youngest being potty trained!
Dinner–Polenta with Stuffed Shells Filling

Lunch–Beef stir fry with cabbage and carrots
Dinner–Meatloaf, homemade french fries, mixed veggies

Cabbage & Beef Soup

Tuna Noodle Casserole, mixed veggies

Swiss Chard with Penne Pasta, carrot sticks

Fully Loaded Baked Potato Soup (I’ll tinker with this to make it dairy free), beef & turkey hamburger patties, mixed veggies

Flounder and a vegetable soup from the freezer

My Plan

I just learned of something called a histamine intolerance.  The symptoms are very similar to mine with my throat feeling like it is closing sometimes and the dizziness I feel sometimes when standing up.  To test if this is a problem, I am taking all of the histamine rich food out of my already fairly limited rotation.

This week, then, I will be having:

Duck, Pork, Flounder, Whitefish/ Collard Greens, Napa Cabbage, Celery, Broccoli/ Honeydew, Apricot/ Avocado, Rosemary, Sage

That’s it, so there is not going to be a lot of variety in my meals.  I’ll just wing it as best I can.  (Actually avocado is high in histamine, so I will only eat one or two this week, but I can’t bear to not have avocado as I look forward to that rotation just to eat it.)

Freezer Cooking

Our supply of gluten free baked goods is getting a little low, so I plan to make these things to stock the freezer.  These will be for snacks or for breakfast:

Perfect Paleo Pancakes

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Almond Butter Paleo Pancakes

Gluten and Sugar Free Blueberry Muffins

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  1. That Baked Potato Soup looks great, especially on this cold, 10-degree morning.

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