What Are You Telling Yourself? Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

SadI began the new year reading Eat, Pray, Love.  (My review will be coming next Friday.)  One of the things about the book that stood out to me was the author, Elizabeth Gilbert’s, self-defeating recording.

When she first went to Italy, she was constantly doubting herself.  She thought she wasn’t good enough, that she was a failure, that she could never beat depression.

Every time she began to feel down, rather than encourage herself, she discouraged herself and began to think the same old negative thoughts.  Her life began to improve radically when she stopped the negative thought train and instead replaced it with positive, self-affirming words.

Likewise, Daily Worth recently interviewed motivational speaker Gabrielle Bernstein who talked about how your behavior and your beliefs, especially in yourself and your capabilities, is directly reflected in your life.  She said, “The outside world is just a reflection of our internal condition. . . Your earning capacity is a reflection of what you think you are worth.”


“Your earning capacity is a reflection of what you think you are worth.”

What do you think you are worth?

What do you tell yourself?

What recording plays in your mind over and over again?

Do you say, “I am competent and skilled” or do you say, “I never do a good enough job; I can never do things right”?

This year, if your goal is to make more money or get a higher paying job, take the first step of listening to what the voice in your head is saying.  What are you telling yourself?

As parents we are told to be careful with what we say to our kids.  If we are too negative and critical, the children will begin to believe they are worth less.  If we are positive and encouraging, we can develop their self-worth and self-confidence.

Why should you talk to yourself any differently?

How can you change your self talk, your recordings, to breed success?

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  1. The flipside is if you’re too upbeat and encouraging. If you swing too far in that direction, suddenly you turn into a dude with an ego that everyone hates. One of those peopel who thinks they’re God’s gift to everyone and everyone shoudl care about everythign they do…. those peopel suck. Gotta find that middle road!

  2. It is not easy, but you can change the recording! Get rid of the negative stuff that hinders you. Surround yourself with more successful people and get rid of the naysayers. Do little things to increase the positive feelings. You will change if you do these things.

  3. I’m a public school Teacher so I am used to not being paid what I am worth. It is an interesting comment on our society that values professional sports as much as we do though. There needs to be a more healthy balance!

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