Menu Planning for Saturday, January 12, 2013

100_3984I have to admit, finding out that I had 57 food intolerances scared me a bit.  I am taking the steps to heal my leaky gut by following the Paleo Auto Immune Protocol, but since December, I had gotten lazy about rotating my foods one week on two weeks off.

Since I don’t want to get anymore intolerances while I am healing, I am back to rotating my foods.  The hardest ones to not have regularly will be coconut and avocado, two of my favorites!

This is also week two of our experiment to go gluten free as a family.  Although it is still to early to tell, my husband and I both noticed that one of our children’s behavior has improved.  We’ll see if this continues.

Here is the plan:

For the Family

Saturday–Cilantro Turkey Sautee & Squash Ribbons (from eMeals‘ Paleo plan)

Sunday–Mexican Taco Burgers & Squash Sautee (from eMeals‘ Paleo plan)

MondayGluten Free, Dairy Free Tuna Casserole, steamed mixed veggies

TuesdayGluten Free Goulash, green beans

WednesdayEasy Crockpot Chili (adding in green & red peppers & corn)

ThursdayGluten Free Baked Turkey Spinach Meatballs, brown rice, beets,

FridaySalisbury Steak, broccoli, brown rice

My Plan

Saturday–Cilantro Turkey Sautee, Squash Ribbons

Sunday–Mexican Taco Burgers, Squash Sautee

Monday–Meatball & bok choy soup

TuesdayHalibut en Papillote with Zucchini, Swiss Chard

Wednesday–Hamburger, Sauteed Butternut Squash pieces

ThursdaySimple Baked Cod, Beets, Squash Sautee

FridaySalisbury Steak, squash, sauteed Swiss chard

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  1. Leaky gut sucks, doesn’t it? I never had a food intolerance test, but my number of food intolerances probably comes close to yours. The signs have been there for years, but I ignored them. Gluten-free and dairy-free living was a BIG start to really understanding and listening to my body. Hope you get it all worked out. Reduced sugar and Paleo meals have helped me, but I still have a ways to go before I figure it all out.

    • Yes, it is such a long journey! I would recommend that you get the test. There were some things that I was eating frequently that I didn’t realize I was intolerant to until after I took the test (like banana).

  2. Your cilantro turkey sounds great! 🙂 Erin

  3. I know I need to see what the AI protocol would do for me, but even after 17 months paleo I’m still not ready to tackle it. Love seeing your menu plan – makes it look much more doable!

    • AI can be challenging, but I have just learned to accept that this is what I need to do for my body right now, and that makes it easier.

  4. Aisha Servaty says:

    Hi! I stumbled across your blog from Money Saving Mom. I am curious as to how you discovered you have so many food intolerances. I have multiple food allergies as well as sensitivities, and am on a gluten free diet as well. However, I still have persistent digestive issues, and I am beginning to wonder if I have additional food sensitivities or intolerances. I am wondering how best to go about finding out more. Thanks!

    • My test this last time was done by Alletess Medical Laboratory. You can call them and ask if there is a doctor in your area that performs the test. That is how I found the doctor who is helping me and also found out that the root cause was an intestinal yeast overgrowth which lead to leaky gut. My primary doctor basically just told me to deal with it and said it wasn’t a medical problem. I am so grateful to be on the path to wellness, even though it is a long journey. Let me know if you have any other questions, and welcome!

  5. Hi Melissa! Followed your linkup from MPM and I just recently reread info on the AIP to understand some of the things going on with myself. I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts on the subject and how you are doing with it. Doing the Whole30 now and noticing huge changes in my inflammatory response. Doesn’t look like there are huge jumps from W30 to AIP. Need to look more into finding a Dr or homeopath! Thanks for sharing your menu plan!

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