Menu Planning for January 19, 2013

We are humming along now, the kids on a gluten free diet trial (we are on the second full week now) and me on my Paleo Auto Immune 3 week rotation of foods to avoid any further allergies.

Sometimes I get frustrated that I can’t eat some of my favorites, like avocado and coconut, on a regular basis, but I just keep reminding myself that I am rotating my food so I don’t develop any more intolerances.  Healing is taking much longer than an impatient person like me would like, but day by day, I am feeling better.

Here is the menu plan for the week:

Family’s gluten free menu plan:

Saturday–Sloppy Tom’s on gluten free bread, carrot sticks, chips (lunch); Roasted Chicken in the Slow Cooker, rice, broccoli (dinner)

Sunday–Beef & Cabbage Soup (lunch); ribs, homemade french fries, mixed vegetables (dinner)

Monday–White Bean, Chicken and Pesto Soup, gluten free bread

Tuesday–Taco Soup, nacho chips, guacamole

Wednesday–Homestyle Meatloaf, dairy free mashed potatoes, peas


Friday–Black Eyed Pea Soup

My Paleo Auto Immune Menu Plan


B–ground pork patty, peaches
L–Flounder, rustic bacon & pumpkin soup, napa cabbage
D–Bison patty, collard greens, 1/2 avocado


B–ground bison patty, honey dew, collard greens
L–Pork chop, Cream of Broccoli Soup
D–Duck, napa cabbage


B–pork chop, apricot, collard greens
L–Bison meatball soup with Napa Cabbage & celery
D–White Fish, rustic bacon & pumpkin soup


B–ground pork patty, peaches
L–ground bison patty, avocado, collard greens
D–pork steak, Cream of Broccoli soup


B–pork steak, rustic bacon & pumpkin soup
L–White Fish, broccoli, collard greens
D–Pork tenderloin, asparagus, peaches


B–ground bison patty, avocado, peaches
L–duck, collard greens, rustic bacon & pumpkin soup
D–pork tenderloin with roasted broccoli & asparagus


B–ground pork patty, peaches
L–pork tenderloin & roasted veggies,
D–ground bison patty, collard greens, honeydew

Freezer Cooking for the Weekend:

No Nut Banana Bread

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Waffles

Gluten Free, Dairy Free Baked Oatmeal Bars

For more menu planning ideas, visit Menu Planning Monday, Celiac Family, Money Saving Mom, and Erin Branscom.


  1. Love the Paleo diet plan, worked wonders for me over the last couple years!

  2. What an amazing menu you always have–for yourself and your family. I’m so impressed by how your kiddos will eat this. I know you must spend lots of time in the kitchen–hoping it continues to pay off for your health!!

  3. Hello, I’m stopping by from Menu Plan Monday! Your menu looks great!
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  4. I am in awe of how you make two separate menu plans work! I know I need to do an AI protocol to see if it would help with a few lingering issues, but I’ve seen so much positive after a year and a half of paleo that I don’t know if I have enough incentive to give up eggs.

    • I love eggs, but now I am intolerant to them, so that made giving them up a bit easier. 🙂 Hopefully my intolerance will go away at some point.

  5. I never considered using broth to make mashed potatoes. I will have to try that next time! Thanks for sharing your recipe!

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