How We Bought a New Carry On Suitcase for $20

100_3681Prior to our trip to San Francisco, we had not flown in 10 years.  Um, yeah, things have changed a bit since then!

We knew we didn’t want to pay to check any baggage, but when we measured our smaller suitcases, we discovered they were about 1.5 inches too big to carry on.

Since I had a gift card for $28 to Kohl’s, we decided to head there to find a carry on that was the right size.  We figured carry ons would cost about $50 or $60.  Boy, were we in for a surprise!  Most of the carry-ons were over $100!  For one suitcase.

Finally, I found a 5 piece luggage set that included one smaller suitcase that was the perfect size for a carry on, and the whole luggage set was on sale $79.99.  We bought that one, and after the gift card was deducted, we paid just over $50 and got a $10 Kohl’s cash certificate.

(I used the certificate to by my youngest a Christmas present later and only had to pay $2 out of pocket.)

After we returned from California, we sold the largest suitcase in the 5 piece set on Craigslist for $20.

After all was said and done, after deducting the gift card I had, the Kohl’s cash and the $20 we got from selling a piece on Craigslist, we only paid $20 for the carry on.  Best of all, I rolled all of our clothes so that my husband and my clothes both fit in there.


  1. Kohl’s has a pretty good system going with all their discounts. Obviously full price for anything in that store is overpriced, since they have be making money giving a sale percentage on everything. My wife gets mad now when we get one of their coupons in the mail, and it’s ‘only’ 15% off!

  2. I wouldn’t have thought about selling the extra suitcase; great idea!

    I love buying things at on sale, with another 30% off and then get Kohl’s cash. I have $30 to spend 12/26 and we’ll pick up some clothing essentials.

  3. Wow, great job! Craigslist is awesome isn’t it?

  4. Nice work! I wouldn’t have thought to sell the larger suitcase, but that was a great idea!

  5. I need to check out Kohl’s! We are planning a trip this summer and we also need new luggage, since the zippers on our very old set are falling apart. I love the idea of selling the largest size on Craigslist. We rarely used that size when we traveled in the past, and that is a great idea to recoup some of the cost of the luggage!

  6. Smart idea selling that suitcase online. It’s better to make something off of an item you know you don’t need rather than it collecting dust. Good for you! Mr.CBB

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