Flash Savings Challenge #4, Final Update

Four weeks ago I set a goal for myself to have a 4 week flash savings challenge.  At the end of the 4 weeks, my goal was to have $3,000 in our emergency fund savings.  (We started with $611 in our savings, so we need to get $2,389 in four weeks.)

We did make a fair amount this week, which is great, but we didn’t completely accomplish our goal (yet), because we are still waiting on my husband’s $1,700 conference reimbursement check.  We are also waiting on payment for an item I sold on eBay for $309, and a flexible spending reimbursement of $260.  That is $2,269 we are waiting on!

As soon as those items come in, this challenge will be more than met, but until then, I am coming up a bit short.

However, we did add a good chunk of change to the emergency fund this week.  Here is how:

Extra Job #1:  $25

Extra Job #2:  $100

FSA Reimbursement:  $70

Extra Job #3:  $75

Anniversary Cash Gift:  $20

Extra Job #4:  $25

Total for Week Four:  $315

Total for Week Three:  $485.77

Total for Week Two:  $447.50

Total for Week One:  $254.34

New Emergency Fund Total:  $2,113.61

Starting Emergency Fund Total:  $611



  1. This is great.What are the extra jobs you are doing?

    • They are freelance writing jobs that aren’t part of my regular routine, just little extra one-time jobs I picked up.

  2. Great work! You’ve killed it, when you count in those reimbursements/payments you’re waiting on.

  3. All those extra jobs are coming in handy. 🙂
    I hope you get the reimbursement soon. That’s a lot of money.

    • I know, right? I thought we would have had it in hand by now since the conference ended 4 weeks ago and my husband submitted the reimbursement forms right away.

  4. Wow all those extra jobs!! I guess I could count my eggs as extra job but perfer not to think of that way since all I do is collect the eggs. Hardly a ‘job’ for a 51 year old!

    Good job on keep ‘on track’ with your plans. It is difficult with so many forces working against you this time of the year.

    • Yes, I have really lucked out with extra jobs this month. That helped tremendously. Eggs my count as a job. You are saving money that way.

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