December No Spend Challenge: Week 2

For 3 weeks, from November 29 through December 20, 2012, we are having a no spend challenge.  (Actually, a spend less challenge.)  We have set aside $300 for gas, transportation, entertainment, Christmas gifts, and groceries.

We spent a bit too much money last week ($160.97), so we tightened the purse strings this week.

Here is what we spent:

12/7: $5 for husband’s transportation

12/9:  $73.19 groceries at Whole Foods & Trader Joe’s

12/10:  $5 for husband’s transportation

12/11:  $10 for husband’s transportation

Total:  $93.19

Total for the challenge so far:  $254.16

Remaining left for the last week:  $45.84

Houston, we have a problem.

The biggest problem is that I have not put any gas in the car since this challenge began, and the car is close to empty.  I will have to put in some gas, and my husband will have to have some more money for transportation.


Things are about to get interesting.




  1. At least gas is getting cheaper right? I heard it will keep coming down to a new low around Christmas. Probably shouldn’t wait that long though. 🙂

  2. Maybe you can get by with less than a full tank? So $20 for hubby’s transportation and like 5 gallons of gas? 🙂 No matter what, good luck!

  3. Nice idea on the challenge. I think I take that concept out for spin. I try to set budgets but maybe taking a view point of a shorter “challenge” might help inspire the family!

  4. Good luck on the last week. This is a really hard time of the year for a spending challenge.

    I keep track of spending every week with Mint. I get an email every Saturday telling me how much money I’ve spend the past week by category.

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