Grocery Shopping, May 2, 2012

I went to Costco last week to stock up on some basics, including 3 packages of 18 count eggs that aren’t included in the photo.  I also bought some snack type foods for my daughter’s lunches at Japanese school.  The total was $91, and this trip should last us two weeks, and the expenses were incurred in April.

Next, I got our organic delivery for $61.25.  I hope it is enough fruit to last through the week, but with the way I have been eating fruit because it feels like there isn’t much more to eat when dairy, soy and gluten free, I don’t know that it will last us through the week.

And then I made a stop at Jewel so we could make some homemade California rolls without the crab (because crab has wheat).  This was $8.50

This week I spent a grand total of $160.50, but $91 of that expense was in April’s budget.

So, for May, I have incurred $69.50 for groceries.

How have you been doing on grocery spending?


  1. Do you live in a state that offers Bountiful Baskets? It’s almost like a food co-op, but you can get WAY more organic produce than what you’ve posted here for only $25. It’s a SMOKIN’ deal! Here is the website.

    • Melissa says:

      I am so envious of the bloggers who get Bountiful Baskets! They are not in IL, not even close. However, we did subscribe to a CSA that will begin in a few weeks, and we will be doing some gardening on our own, so soon groceries won’t be so expensive.

      • I’m envious of those with bountiful basket too. My SIL gets it in AZ, and it is amazing how much they get for next to nothing!

  2. Heather says:

    I am determined to only spend $40 this week on graoceries. Today I got 3 dozen eggs, gallon of horizion milk (my daughters fav), taco shells, ground meat (1 lb), some cheese, a quick meal for tomorrow night, bacon, yogurt (marked down and with coupon), and because the boys were with me we all got a treat. I thought I was spending my full $40 but when she rang it up the total was only $27. Yeah. I have left over fruit and veggie from last week. Next week I will be making my costco run so that will hurt.

  3. I recently came across an international market that has great prices and fresh produce. I haven’t shopped their yet (I literally stumbled upon it and walked in to check it out) but I’m hoping to purchase many of my veggies there this weekend on my shopping trip (I only grocery shop every other weekend).

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