Menu Planning for April 22, 2012

I have been feeling lethargic for a few months now, and I also have other weird body sensations such as a metallic taste in my mouth sometimes and random tingling in my legs.  The doctor tested my iron and vitamin B-12, but both of those tested fine.  I also just had a complete physical with blood work, which was also fine.

I wonder if these weird symptoms might be part of another yet undiscovered intolerance, so for the next two weeks I will be feeding myself and my family a very simple diet of veggies, fruits, meat and some gluten-free grains such as quinoa.  Then, after two weeks, I will slowly reintroduce foods to hopefully determine what the problem is.  If I still have the problem after two weeks of a simple diet before I reintroduce foods, then I will go see a ear, nose and throat doctor.

Here is our simple plan:

Monday–Hamburgers with Ramps, salad, roasted asparagus, brown rice

Tuesday–Lentil and Spinach Soup, Roasted Sunchokes

Wednesday–Spaghetti Bolognese with Spaghetti Squash, broccoli spears

ThursdaySouthwestern Black Bean Stew with Sweet Potato Mash, Simple Island Guacamole

FridayCellophane Noodles with Almond Butter Sauce, green beans

SaturdayBlack Bean Burgers (minus the bun for me–not sure what to substitute for the 1/2 cup of bread crumbs.  Any ideas?), Sweet Potato Fries, broccoli

SundayBlack Bean Enchiladas (minus the cheese), Simple Island Guacamole, salad

My family’s breakfasts will be breakfast mueseli, oatmeal with fruit, eggs, fruit, muffins and pancakes.

My breakfasts will be scrambled eggs & fruit; Quinoa, Mushroom and Ramps Frittata; Toasted Quinoa Porridge and fruit

Lunches will be sandwiches and tuna crackers plus fruit for the rest of the family; leftovers for me.

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  1. You could tried sub. ground mushrooms for the bread crumbs.

  2. I hope you’re able to figure out what’s causing your issues. Would oatmeal be an appropriate substitute for the bread crumbs? I use oatmeal in several ground beef dishes to stretch the meat and add some fiber.

    I’m cleaning out the freezer and using the crock pot nearly every day this week. My menu is posted HERE if you’d like to take a peek.

    • I do use oatmeal in our meatloaf, but this time I am going to skip it, because I have had trouble digesting oatmeal too. I’ll have to head over to your menu plan. I always need more crockpot recipes!

  3. I’m guessing the bread crumbs are filler. I was going to suggest an egg, but then I read the recipe and see there is already one there. So, I suggest mixing all the ingredients together without the breadcrumbs and see how the texture feels. Maybe another egg? Maybe nothing is needed.

    How in the world do you get your kiddos to eat all those different veggies? I think it’s wonderful!!

    • They don’t eat all of them, but they do eat most of them. I started serving asparagus two weeks ago, and they didn’t want to try it. Now, they all eat it, at least some of it. 🙂 I’ll see if anything else is needed for the bean burgers. Thanks!

  4. How about crushed corn chips or corn meal? Not quite sure what is ok and what isn’t or quinoa?

  5. Michelle says:

    It looks like the bread crumbs are being used as a binding agent since the rest of the ingredients are pretty “wet”. Since you can’t have oatmeal or saltines either, maybe try finely crushed Almond Nut Thin crackers (made by Blue Diamond and gluten free)? My cousin who is allergic to gluten turned us on to them a couple years ago during the holidays and I can usually get a box for $2.50 at my local Kroger (or cheaper if I catch a sale).

  6. I certainly do empathize with you. I’ve been suffering from several chronic pain issues since 2000. It seems like the doctors wanted to label and than write a script. I had so many side effects that I finally quit taking the opioids and muscle relaxers last August. I do feel better.
    That’s why I love it when I come across blogs such as yours. I’ve learned that changes in my diet can help with my pain level. I know make sure I avoid processed foods, as much as possible, drink lots of water and eat lots of bananas and berries.
    Happy MPM!
    You’re menu plan sounds so good.
    Have a wonderful week!

    • Glad to hear that you are feeling better. You have encouraged me that maybe my hunch about changing my diet will reduce these weird occurrences.

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