Grocery Shopping–Down to Basics Edition

The budget is so tight, we are trying to keep grocery shopping to a minimum.  We are eating through our remaining small stockpile of freezer meals (about 6 more left) as well as frozen veggies, so I just needed to supplement with fresh fruit.  Not pictured is the vital wheat gluten I bought at Jewel for $6.83 (necessary for making our homemade bread).

Trader Joe’s

I bought two bags of Clementines, two bags of pears, two bags of apples, and a big bunch of bananas.  Everything was organic except the Clementines.

I spent $18.68, so I have spent $25.51 for groceries this week and for the month so far.

A stock up is inevitable since we are getting rid of any surplus we have thanks to what seems like our never ending pantry challenge compliments of the tight budget.  I am so grateful for the stockpile we have been able to use!


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  1. Not bad at all – although, I find that when we try to cut back too much on our groceries, it ends up coming back to bite us later (when we pay lots and lots) to build up our reserves again.

    • So true. We will need to spend to stock up, but right now we are waiting to receive money from several different sources. When that money comes in, we will have the funds to pay for restocking. It is just a matter of getting by until then.

  2. Christine says:

    I am so with you … we are also very tight right now and it is such a blessing that we have canned and frozen a lot of food items from our garden last fall. My husband is self-employed and you don’t always know when the next job is coming. We will definitely plant a garden and stock pile whenever we are able to.

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