10 Things We Don’t Have or Buy

A few weeks ago I saw that Money Saving Mom posted 7 Things We Don’t Buy, and soon after, The Frugal Girl posted 10 Things We Don’t Buy.  I love these type of posts because it gives the reader a glimpse into the blogger’s life, and it also drives home the point that we all spend our money differently.  There isn’t a right thing or wrong thing to buy, but we must selectively choose what we buy so we can afford the lifestyle we would like.

So, I created my own list for our family:

10 Things We Don’t Have/Buy

A second car.  We have one nearly 8 year old minivan with over 100k miles on it.  My husband takes public transportation to work so we can avoid the expense of another car.  We haven’t had a car loan in nearly 4 years, and I hope we can avoid taking out a car loan when we buy our replacement vehicle a few years from now.

Video games.  My son is really the only one old enough to get into playing video games, and luckily he would much rather read, so we have no video game console or games themselves.

A cell phone contract.   As much as I feel a pang of jealousy when I attend a meeting and see everyone pull out their iPhones, we don’t have one.  We don’t even have cell phone contracts.  Instead, each of us has a Trac-Fone with prepaid minutes.

Multiple televisions.  We have only one, and it is old.  I sometimes think a flat screen that could hang on the wall would be nice, but we are keeping our old, heavy, clumsy TV until it dies.

A home.  Even with the housing downturn, houses in our area go for a minimum of $300k, and then property tax is $9,000 to $12,000 a year.  We just can’t afford that.  I hope we will have a house in the next few years when we are able to move somewhere with a lower cost of living.

A collection of shoes.  Each of us owns four pairs of shoes–boots, dress shoes, tennis shoes and sandals.

iPad or stereo.  If we listen to music, we do so on our computer with our old CDs.

Fast food.  Okay, this is cheating a bit.  🙂  We don’t buy fast food because there is almost no fast food that meets our dietary restrictions of no dairy and no soy.  Instead, we cook every meal at home except for the occasional sushi splurge as we had last week for my daughter’s birthday.

Soda pop.  I used to drink way too much pop, but as I learned more about the caramel coloring, I stopped drinking it.  Now, none of us drink it.

Bread.  Because of our intolerances, I now make all of our bread–sandwich, buns, and cinnamon–at home.

What things do you not have or buy that others do?


  1. Wow property taxes are high where you live!

  2. My list would look very similar to yours! No second TV (we actually just bought our FIRST TV this past January), no second car I ride my bike quite a bit so we really don’t need one, no video games, no home (I’m in the same boat – expensive housing), and we recently cut out fast food. I’ve even limited my Starbucks drastically (gulp!) since I got a Bialetti espresso maker and now I’m saving even more money.

  3. Agreed about the cell phone contracts. This inspired a post of my own!

  4. Meeka U. says:

    Thanks for the Trac-Fone comment! I am waiting for my contract to expire so that I can go on a no-contract phone basis and am researching options. Any pros/cons you can offer about the service?

    • The biggest pro is that it is very affordable. The con is that if anything goes wrong, you will have to talk to customer service reps overseas who probably can’t help you. I finally got to speak to someone in the U.S. by searching the web for their corporate phone number. Then the issue was resolved quickly.

  5. That’s so funny!! I did the exact same post today! 🙂
    We don’t do many of those either.

  6. We do own our own home as we live way out in the boonies and houses and taxes are fairly cheap. I do however have to have a second car as my job is 7 miles from my home and my husbands is 17 in the other direction:-(

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