March, 2012 Budget

Last month, after my blogging expenses, I earned $2,142.18 and my husband earned $2,114.17, giving us a combined total of $4256.35.  While this is great, we also had a number of expenses that weren’t in the budget, so you will see that this budget runs negative.  Through a series of different activities, I plan to generate additional revenue.  In addition, my husband will be reimbursed for conference expenses after the conference (hopefully sooner rather than later!).

March, 2012 Budget

Laundry 30 (we have to use a coin operated washer; we air dry our clothes)

Rent 1390

Groceries 250 (our grocery stockpile is getting fairly low, but we still have some beef, beans and grains, so for this month we will try to shop for only fresh veggies and fruit until the budget improves)

Toiletries & Diapers 80

Comcast 60

Son’s school 410 (school is cancelled for a few days, so we didn’t have to pay as much)


Gas/Transportation 150 ($100 for my husband’s public transportation and $50 for gas.  We plan to walk, A LOT!)

My Student Loan 192

DH Student Loans 155

Life insurance 77

Husband’s spending money 0

My spending money 0

Credit card payments 270 (we normally pay $377 so extra goes on the principle, but this month, we will just pay the minimum)

Babysitter  225

Tithes Private

Unplanned for Expenses (which are making the budget negative)

Car Repair 586.04

Son’s summer school deposit  300

Daughter’s preschool deposit  300

Husband’s conference 1,200 (he will be reimbursed AFTER the conference)

CSA Share  536.50

TOTAL $6,211.54

We are $1,955.19 over budget this month.  The good news is that we will be reimbursed $1,200, and that the $300 for my son’s deposit will be used to pay part of his tuition this summer.  Also, the CSA shares combined with the garden we will grow will allow us to avoid buying produce for most of the summer.

**In the month of February, I brought in $2,485.63 (but a lesser amount made its way to this month as my income because of blogging expenses).  In January I made $3,811.33, giving me an average of  $3,148.48 a month so far, well above my target average of $2,500 a month.


  1. I was looking through your budget and noticed that for you and your husband’s spending money you have 0s. I do understand about ‘gasselle intense’ and I have been totally obsessed with paying my debts off. But what we found is that 0 spending money is a bad idea – it makes you a ‘gasselle’ that is hunted rather than a ‘tiger’ on the hunt.

    As a result we award ourselves ‘pocket money’ – not a lot but some.

  2. I dont know how someone cant find finance fun. I love reading about what others are spending their money on. Not only does it make me feel better about my situation that others have unexpected expenses, but it is nice to know how your peers rank compared to you!

  3. You’re doing great Melissa! You should be so proud of all the work you’ve been able to contribute.

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