February, 2012 Budget

Last month, after my blogging expenses, I earned $1562.03 and my husband earned $2,370.61, giving us a combined total of $3,932.64.

February 2012 Budget

Laundry 30 (we have to use a coin operated washer; we air dry our clothes)

Rent 1390

Groceries 200 (this is very low, but I overspent in January, so I am relying heavily on our stockpile)

Toiletries & Diapers 30

Comcast 60

Son’s school 480

Misc.  95.64

Gas/Transportation 250

My Student Loan 192

DH Student Loans 155

Life insurance 77

Husband’s spending money 25

My spending money 25

Credit card payments 377

Babysitter  300

Tithes Private

Savings for Future Expenses

Car Insurance  62.50

Rental Insurance 8.50

Car Repairs 125

Clothing  50

TOTAL $3932.64

In the month of January, I brought in $3,811.33 (but a lesser amount made its way to this month as my income because of blogging expenses and snowflaking).  I am hoping to average $2,500 a month, so January’s earnings exceeded my expectations.


  1. Keep up the good work and $5000 a month will come sooner for you 🙂

  2. Good job in January!

  3. Your income is VERY similar to ours and yet we find ourselves barely making it every month. With our new move though, our rent and utilities are almost doubling.

    we always tend to have a lot of unexpected expenses, but you guys have kids and you seem to manage!! Makes me wonder what we’re doing wrong…

    • What do you find your biggest expenses are? For us, it is rent and my son’s school tuition and our groceries. I am guessing most people spend more on gas, but we don’t have to because I can work from home.

  4. Just curious if you put your utilities in or is that included with rent? You don’t have to answer….I’m just a numbers person (LOL) I just need to learn to follow my budgets to a T 🙂

  5. New to the site and this is the first budget I have seen here. Do both of you earn income from blogging? O remember when my comcast was that low but when we added internet is went above 100. Grocery seems at a good price. For our family we shop at sams and for about 200 there and another 50-75 at publix/wal mart we have more than enough for almost two months.

    • My husband has a post-doc position. How big is your family? We normally couldn’t get by with $200, but we are very stocked up.

  6. There are only three of us in my family but my son eats for three people it seems. It does help that on alternating weekends he stays with his mom. Buying in bulk really helps so I think shopping at Sams makes a big difference if you are willing to seperate the foods.

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