Yakezie Carnival October 30, 2011 – Halloween Edition

Halloween is just one day away.  Tomorrow, millions of children will dress up in costume, storm your house, and demand candy.  The average American household will spend over $60 preparing for Halloween including spending $20 on candy on average and $23 on a costume.

While the little ghosts and goblins may try to give you a fright, don’t be scared by your finances.  This week’s carnival includes nearly 50 entries from Yakezie members and challengers, all seeking to selflessly help others.  Enjoy!

Financial Success for Young Adults:  Why Your Degree Means Nothing  Getting your degree is more than a piece of paper and a handshake. Make your degree mean something. Is your college degree worthless?

Miss Wallstreet:  Parabolic Stop and Reverse  Using the PSAR or the parabolic stop and reverse is a great way to set stops and limits. Are you using it to the full potential?

Biblical Finances:  Books of the Bible Trivia  There are 16 names of the books of the Bible mentioned in the paragraph below. A minister found 15 books in 20 minutes, but it took him weeks to find the sixteenth one. Can you find them all?

20’s Finances:  Where Should Your First Investment Be?  When you first begin to invest, the many options can be overwhelming. Find out what is the best investment to start out. If you have been investing for a while, did you make the best choice when you started to invest?

Money Q & A:  How To Make Money With eBay Arbitrage  Have you ever wondered where people get the things that they sell on eBay or Half.com? Learn how you can make money from arbitrage.

My Journey to Millions:  What Are Preferred Shares? Do You Invest in Preferred Shares?  I have dabbled in a lot of different types of investments, my most recent kick being my dividend investment portfolio, however, I have never really given thought to investing in preferred shares of stock.

Invest It Wisely:  A List of Great WordPress Plugins to Make Your Site Better  I’ve been blogging for nearly two years now (can’t believe how time flies!), and while I would not consider myself a pro at blogging, I have discovered quite a few plugins that have made my life easier. Maybe they will help you out as well.

Money Cone:  How to Do a 401k Rollover Correctly  When you leave behind your old job for a better opportunity, in your excitement, don’t forget your 401K! Consolidation will make your life a lot easier.

krantcents:  Who Will Be On My Team? Various strategies to get a job in a difficult economy.

Invest in the Markets:  The Benefits of Buy and Hold Investing Whether your a seasoned investor of just beginning to invest, buy and hold investing has its merits… here’s a few every investor should know about before starting.

Prairie Eco Thrifter:  Are You a Cell Phone ‘Tech NO’  I confess, I am one of of the 22% of Americans that do not have a cell phone. I am part of a shrinking minority of people who don’t want to be in constant contact with anyone and everyone else. I am a semi Tech NO (someone who deliberately chooses to not use technology like cell phones).

The College Investor:  Video Games Teach Personal Finance  A look at how the most popular video games can teach personal finance.

My Multiple Incomes:  Maximizing Income Equals Minimizing Expenses  A look at how maximizing income is not just about making more money, but also about reducing expenses.

Living in Financial Excellence:  Financial Literacy in the Workplace  The Wisconsin Dept. of Financial Literacy (DFI) is making a concerted effort to promote financial literacy in the workplace. Why is that important? Consider the following stats (from the DFI):

Live Real, Now:
  Are We Facing a Financial Crisis Today?  Whatever your financial status, there are always ways to protect what you own if you are willing to shop around. But whether one receives cheap insurance quotes or higher ones, now is the time to protect your assets until today’s financial crisis passes.

Sustainable Personal Finance:  Want to Start a Green Business?  If you are concerned about the impact that starting a business might have on the environment, you can take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of ways to start a green business.

Money Reasons:
  Are You Getting Paid What You Are Worth?  Read my four steps to make sure you are getting paid what you are worth! You’ll thank both yourself and me later (I hope)!

YourFinancesSimplified:  10 Common Characteristics of Millionaires You Can Follow  YFS tells you the 10 most common characteristics of millionaires that you can follow!

Personal Finance Whiz:  What Is An Annuity And How Does It Work?  A lot of financial advisers are pushing annuities. But are they right for you? This post breaks down exactly what an annuity is and how one works.

Money Beagle:  5 Ways To Go From Being A Good Manager To A Great One Where does your manager fall?

Investor Junkie:  TD Ameritrade Promotions  TD Ameritrade is currently offering two promotions. See our previous TD Ameritrade review, for more information about the discount brokerage firm.

Squirrelers:  The Rally Squirrel and Personal Finance: Make a Comeback  A recent quirky story from the sports world inspires some thinking about making a personal finance comback

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance:  Money Lessons from Sports Lockouts  Brianna at 20 and Engaged wrote this compelling guest article reminding readers that even the wealthy need to follow basic financial advice, since the future is always uncertain.

Sustainable Life Blog:  Where to go Next (Again)  Should I continue paying down debt or should I start saving for next year?

Family Money Values:  Lessons from Ursula Burns – Chairwoman and CEO of Xerox  “In 2010, Ursula Burns made over 13 million dollars according to the Rochester Business Journal. She has been appointed by the President to to help lead STEM, a national program to better educate students in science, technology, engineering, and math and to be vice chairwoman of the President’s Export Council.

She was the first black, female CEO of a Fortune 500 company when she took the reins of Xerox in 2009 and she was raised in the projects in New York City (The Baruch Houses on the Lower East Side) by a single mom.”

Narrow Bridge Finance:  Fixing Your Own Economy  It is easy to blame others for the economy, but you don’t have anything to worry about if you fix your own economy.

The Penny Hoarder:  Get Paid to Solve Others’ Problems  Can you help a mom get her 2 year old to eat three meals a day? She’ll pay you $25 for your tips. Can you help a chef come up with a new chocolate dessert? She’ll pay you $25 for your recipe. Check out some of the other weird things people are paying others to solve on this new website we found….

Budgeting in the Fun Stuff:  New Goal: Paying Off Our Mortgage in 6 Years or Less!  If I do dig in and continue to make at least $8000 a month or more every month, then we should have our house paid off in a little less than 2 years. That would mean we bought our home in 2007 and are planning to pay it off towards the end of 2013 – 6 years total!

Beating Broke:  Back to a Cash Economy?  If the Durbin Amendment remains, it may be only a matter of time before banks not currently charging fees buckle under the costs and start removing “free” accounts and adding fees.  What then?

My University Money:  The Monopoly On Education  If you do not want to lay eyes on a somewhat cynical rant about the tyranny of post-secondary education monopolies then please avert your eyes.

HowToSaveMoney.ca:  11 Car Buying Tips to Get the Best New Car Price  I have been buying vehicles for about 18 years and these tips can and do work very well. Some are easier to use then others, but if it means saving a few hundred or thousands of dollars, it’s worth it!

Free Money Wisdom:  Getting that Security Deposit Back!  It’s time to move and you’ve cleaned the apartment so well that you could eat off of the floors. Now there’s only one thing left to worry about: how do you get your security deposit back when you move out?

Money Is The Root: Advantages of Credit Unions  Just a few more reasons why you need to pull your bank account and join your local credit union

TotallyMoney:  Non-university options for school-leavers  Possible routes to get into a career if you can’t afford to go to university

PT Money:  Personal Finance Free Online Checking Accounts  Checking should be free. Don’t you agree? I say don’t pay a monthly fee for a checking account unless you absolutely have to. After all, you’re loaning them your money. All they’re giving you is a debit card, some checks, and a few monthly transactions with a teller.

Everyday Tips and Thoughts:  Questioning the Panic Over Under-Water Mortgages  Just because a home is under water doesn’t mean you can’t afford it anymore! Wondering if the concern over under water homes is more psychological than anything.

Wealth Informatics:  Supermarket Tour : Save Money on groceries  Take a supermarket tour to find areas of visual merchandising and ways to save money on groceries by beating the marketing tricks.

Broke Professionals:  Should I start a family investment club?  Should we start a family investment club? What other pros and cons do you see?

My Personal Finance Journey:  My Current Asset Allocation and Net Worth Growth – July – October 2011 This article gives an update on my current asset allocation and net worth growth, in order to share how I approach various financial issues that come my way, and to give me accountability for my financial goals. Through my experiences in this post, one may be more prepared to tackle similar financial decisions in their own life.

Watson Inc:  Is Saving More Important Than Investing? Although the issue is complex, could we have it entirely backwards – should our efforts center on savings rather than investing?

Smart Family Finance:  Why are Banks Charging Fees for Debit Cards  Debit card fees hit consumers by surprise. This articles takes a look at how they came about and if they are here to stay.

Free From Broke:  Don’t Let Your Purchases Fall Prey to Your Emotions  When you become emotionally attached an object, like a house say, your purchases fall prey to your emotions. Read more about emotions and your purchases.

One Cent At A Time:  20 things to do befor being laid off  This article describes how you should prepare yourself for a potential lay off. Starting from keeping your job to take care of your personal well being. this is a must read article for every one on the verge of being unemployed.

DollarVersity:  Should you do your own taxes?  Everyone thinks that they do everything themselves, especially taxes. It’s smarter to pay someone to do it right the first time, and then forget about it.

Faith and Finance:  Renting Vs. Buying a Home  Is it smart to buy or rent in this market? Here’s a look at how you can determine if buying a house is right for you.

The Frugal Toad:  Great Fall and Winter Jobs for Kids  The holidays are a great time to reconnect with friends and family and can also be an opportunity for your child to earn money.

That wraps up this week’s edition.  Make sure to stop by the Yakezie Carnival next week for more great reads.


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