Motivating Kids to Save Money

When I was a kid, I earned an allowance and spent the money as fast
as I could get it.
When I was able to work a part-time job as a high
school student, I was responsible for buying most of my own clothes, making my
car payment, paying for gas and buying car insurance.  Still, as most teenagers
do, I had extra money even after those expenses, and I rarely saved it.
Instead, I went to the movies, went out to eat with friends, wasted gas by
driving my car past boys’ houses. . .

I had a few friends whose parents required that they save a portion of their
earnings for savings or for college.  They would complain about the injustice,
and I would commiserate.  I was happy my mom didn’t impose those rules on

Now, I look back and wish that she would have. . .

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  1. My children were rquired to save half of all money received including allowances. To further motivate them I matched their savings fo rthem to buy a car. They are savers as adults and no debt except for mortgages.

  2. I was always a saver, to the extreme. For prom, instead of purchasing a gown with my savings I decided to put change in a jar that I found. At the end of my senior year, I had amassed a small fortune! $83. I bought a beautiful magenta gown with white gloves and felt very Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.

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