Why I Love Lists – A Guest Post

I love lists! I make lists for everything, from to do lists, to bucket lists, to what to watch on TV lists. But where my finances are concerned I like my shopping lists best. I rarely go shopping without a list. Why? Because shopping lists save you time, money, and stress.

Shopping lists save money. I consider making a shopping list kind of like shopping from home. You take a look around and decide what you need. You can make your shopping decisions without the glitz and glamour of the store. There is no wandering around the store to see if there is anything else you need. You won’t see that shiny object calling your name. “ohh, look at that! How have I lived so long with it?” I know when I wander a store out of boredom they can usually sell me something I don’t need. It often has to do with holiday decorations, especially at Halloween time. I love Halloween decorations!!

Not only do shopping lists help you curb impulse purchases, they help you say no to your kid’s cries for items too. “Yes, dear, I know you want that Lego set but it’s not on the list.”

Shopping lists save time. When you make a list you are sure to get everything you need. You dont’ get home and realize you forgot eggs and then have to make another trip. And of course, again, be exposed to all the shiny things! They help you reduce after the fact shopping trips and they actually help stop before the fact shopping lists too. No need to run to Target because you need one thing. Might as well wait til you need a few things. You won’t forget what you need since you wrote it down… on your list.

Shopping lists save stress. I don’t know about you, but lack of time and money are high up on my list of things that cause me stress. (I don’t actually have a list of things that cause me stress, but maybe I should!) Since using shopping lists save me both time and money, they also reduce my stress. When I write something down I no longer feel the need to remember it. It’s one less thing rattling around in my brain. That leaves me room to concentrate on more important things.

Do you keep lists? Do you love them as much as me? Which is your favorite? Am I crazy? (Yes)

This article was written by Ashley at Money Talks. It is her passion in life to help you make the most of your money. You can subscribe to her feed and follow her on twitter.


  1. I must admit I am guilty for making lists for everything. I find not only do they save me money for things like groceries but they also help keep me organized. It’s hard to remember everything on the top of your head. My hubby and I really like Remember the Milk which allows you to make different lists for different things. It also has an app so you can access it on the go. You should try it.

  2. I notice that when I have a shoppin list, I stick to my budget more. I also try to shop with a list after eating and that really helps my wallet. (I am definitely an impulse buyer!)

  3. I love lists too! The funny thing is, if I forget my list i still remember what’s on it! It’s like a mental list has been written too!
    I especially like a daily “to do list.” I put the most important things at the top & work my way down. Even if I don’t get everything done in one day I know I did the most important things!
    PS You are not crazy unless you start making lists and never do anything on any of the lists!

  4. I am a mad list maker, or lister, whatever you call us. Sometimes I need to gather the lists I have made, from different locations around the house, and collate them into a single larger list so I don’t lose track. I use them mainly for daily and weekly things, the bigger goals and upcoming bills are stored on the computer.

  5. I love making lists too! I have quite a few ‘to do’ lists, but I don’t utilize my lists as effectively as I should. I waver on shopping lists and I forget some of the lists I’ve made and find them months later 🙂 Even though I do accomplish items on my various lists – this is a good reminder to get it together so I can be more productive and organized!

  6. My wife and I are list people! She uses list when ever she goes shopping. We use lists for everything such as packing for a vacation, planning parties, or just about everything.

  7. Lists are great. Now, for me, I don’t really make shopping lists at the grocery store. Probably need to do that more often, actually.

    For me, I’m actually big on lists in terms of getting things done. I’ll set up a plan for a month, week, and then one each day. These plans keep me focused and more productive than I’d be without them.

  8. Lists keep us organized! I have one on my fridge, and one in my purse at all times- not to mention sticky notes- they are great for staying organized!

  9. I am a huge list person! It is so satisfying to cross things off of lists…almost too satisfying, as sometimes I question if I just put an item on a list to cross it off of the list:).

  10. Have to say I’m the complete opposite, though I’ve tried listing, they usually get lost, tossed or misplaced. Maybe I’m guilty of mental lists. Probably should start writing things down more before the brain starts fading.

  11. I. Love. Lists. I make lists for everything. Most of my writing is even in list form. Lists keep me organized and on track. I love how they provide order even when I feel like I’m herding cats.

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